It is an absolutely gorgeous day in the Willamette Valley today, and as such I decided to have a little grill session with a few friends on my tiny little deck. Being in need of supplies, I wandered over to my friendly neighborhood grocery store for some ground beef and, more importantly, an appropriate beer selection.  On this particular trip I found myself greeted with beer surprise after surprise, and since I have access to a beer blog I thought I’d ramble about them for a minute.

Surprise number one came when I was greeted at the end of the beer aisle by a woman offering free 4 oz samples of a new product: MGD 64 Lemon.  I suppose it makes sense for SABMiller to add a pleasant tang of lemon to try to soup up an otherwise flavorless extra-light beer, but having already had the pleasure of sampling Bud Light Lime I decided to refrain.  What was more surprising was that they could just give away little plastic cups of beer in the store to whoever wanted one.  That would seem to me to be some kind of open container violation, not to mention serving alcohol on the premises of a grocery store without a liquor license.  I am of course too lazy to look up the relevant laws (and I’m not really complaining, maybe it’ll be a decent beer next time), so I’ll leave it to The Commander to take care of that.

Surprise two was that Dale’s Pale Ale was now available in standard six packs in my local grocery store.  No longer will I have to trudge off to a beer specialty store to get my Dale’s fix!  Here’s hoping they expand their Oskar Blues selection in the near future.  Being able to pick up Old Chub or even Ten FIDY at the supermarket would be a happy convenience for Northwest beer lovers.




Surprise three was my first Double CDA sighting.  Apparently Fish Tales Organic Ales has gone hard core and turned up this new beer style to eleven with its new Swordfish Double CDA.  I’m pretty excited to crack this one.  Fish Tales makes some great beers, and good organic breweries remain a relative rarity, even out here where there seems to be an underground competition to see who can use ‘sustainable’ the most times in a single sentence.




Surprise number four, and perhaps the coolest one from my perspective, was sighting my first cardboard six pack.  I’m not talking about a sixer of bottles here, but rather a six-box of cans.  This came in the form of 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon, a watermelon wheat.  I haven’t had an opportunity to sample this particular beverage (I’m not a huge wheat beer drinker), but I give 21st Amendment huge props for doing away with the old plastic rings.  No more choking dolphins or sea turtles or Hordeums (that guy is a weird drunk).


And now, if you’ll excuse me (or even if you won’t), it’s time to fire up the grill.

4 thoughts on “FOUR SURPRISES

  1. Am in Frankfort having radler with wife. Shouldn’t alehats be Applauding america co opting popular style?

  2. Is MGD 64 Lemonade the current favorite for “Worst Beer-related Product Idea of 2011”? It has to be up there, along with the second Coors Super-Cold Indicator Bar and Goose Island announcing Honk Lite…

  3. I’d still say Hoegaarden 0,0. The MGD 64 Lemonade may be an abomination, but at least it contains alcohol.

    Also, am I the only one that reads the name of that beer like it’s an old Nintendo game? “MGD 64: Lemonade” – Join Mario, Luigi, the Princess and Toad as they set up a lemonade stand…with booze! Now in 64 glorious bits!

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