Sure wish I could stream Summer Rental on Netlix.

Wow, that was exhausting!  I’ve just now consumed every Summer Ale ever created in an effort to present an ultrafantastic epic splendor of a tasting note.  From now on, when you approach a beer so labeled as Summer’s Ale, you will know exactly what flavor profile to expect.  Sure, maybe it’s an English Pale, a Kolsch, a Blonde, or any number of other “Lighter” styles.  Who cares what the style is though?  For some reason, when it’s Summer, it’s easy enough just to slap the season on the label and call it a day.  I give you – The Ubiquitous Summer Ale.



NOTES: 12oz bottle, flashy label that must contain the colors yellow, blue, and/or any combo of red, white and blue

“STYLE”: Summer Ale (Unless of course it’s a Summer Lager)

ABV: Gotta be 5%

APPEARANCE: Awfully beery.  Has a sort of beery hue with hints of hazy yellow and perhaps a dark beige sneaking through

HEAD: Not that it matters since the beer will be consumed out of the bottle or possibly a red solo cup.  How does one measure two fingers through opaque plastic?  If you should find yourself next to a tap handle or possibly on your very own couch, maybe a glass is in order.  In that case, a bright white head will be loose and bubbly and will dissipate quickly.

LACING: Again, most won’t have a chance to view this aspect of the beer.  If you do, you’ll notice some whisps around the glass but not much else.

NOSE: Grassy, airy, perhaps a bit of peppery bite.  Fruity esters will most likely pop up as you tip the bottle, maybe punctuated by fresh lemon

TASTE: Dry, crisp, accented by a light and bready backbone.  If the brewer wants to go all out, they’ll add some grains of paradise or maybe a little citrus zest.  Coriander perhaps.  If that happens you’ll pick it out right away.  If not, well, the taste will best be described a cross between every Pale Ale and every “Amber” that you’ve ever tasted from a mediocre brewpub.

MOUTHFEEL: About as middle of the road as you can get.  You’d think that a Summer Ale would be light on the tongue but in general you’re working with something with a little more body.  Lots of carbonation is the norm.

DRINKABILITY: Well that all depends.  If you’re on this website, I’d guess the drinkability is pretty low since you’re looking for beers with complexity and substance.  You’ll either reach for something more interesting on most days or reach for something a lot lighter when it’s scorching out.  No need to waste your time on such a bland “style”.

RATING: 1.5 Hops (I dare you to find a Summer Ale that you’d rate less than 1 hop and more than 2 hops.  The epitome of boring beer)***


  1. No need to feel ashamed Slouch. I myself have said on these very pages that I enjoy the Sam Summer(http://bit.ly/kSte9P). My problem is that everyone tries to put out a Summer Ale and keep in on the shelves for 6 months even though it’s probably the most boring beer in their lineup (To me anyway). If someone wants to put out a seasonal in the Summer, say a Hefeweisse or a Saison, then I’m all for it. Just don’t call it Summer Ale and lump it in with all the others.

  2. Are you reading my mind Slouch?? I was just gonna ask if that particular beer was worth bringing into the store- I’ve been asked for it.

  3. I beg to differ Barley- it doesn’t taste THAT sweet to me. In fact it tastes almost exactly like Victoria from Mexico, but costs more than Vic. Glad I ordered only one case. But I did get a kick out of the graphic- maybe that’ll be the biggest selling point for the Summer Solstice. It’ll be a nice addition to my brew buddy’s cap collection though.

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