I suppose this is as close as Aleheads gets to an open thread.  Aleheads and friends, what are you drinking this Memorial Day weekend?


  1. I asked the question, so it’s only fair for me to start. Flying Dog Raging Bitch, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Victory Headwaters Pale Ale, and Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale–all in bottles. I’m pretty sure there’s one more Mad River DIPA hiding in the back of my fridge. Plus, if Herr Direktor doesn’t come over to claim the beer I picked up for him yesterday, I may be forced to dip into a six-pack of Avery IPA cans.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. I plan to keep it local- picking up a growler or two of East End Big Hop IPA or their Pale Ryder APA. Plus some GUBNA- what a great Imperial IPA…

    If any Aleheads out their need an excuse to be sedentary at 2:45 EST today, check out the Champions League Final- Barcelona vs. Manchester United from Wembley in London. It’s the Super Bowl of club soccer. With a victory Barcelona and Lionel Messi can strengthen their arguments as the best team and player ever, respectively.

    You can thank me later.

  3. Been up since 6am smoking baby back ribs and a pork shoulder, so obviously I’m drinking. Just had an Ithica Flower Power and a Racer5. I’m heading up to Maine tonight so I’ll probably pick up something from Gritty’s or some Rising Tide if I can find it. And a Sculpin IPA at some point of course

  4. This is going to be a Sierra Nevada weekend for me.
    Hoptimum and Ovila.

    Never had either of them. Of course I’m giddy with anticipation for the apres-parade parade of beverages.

  5. Lagunitas Maximus, Terrapin Wake ‘n’ Bake, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe, OB Ten FIDY, OB Gordon…plus the remaining three cans from a four-pack of Gubna. I plan on using the latter as skeet-shooting targets this weekend. Goddamn is that a shitty Imperial IPA…

    Might also crack into my last bomber of Terrapin Hoptaneous Combustion. Feels like a Smoked Imperial IPA weekend.

  6. Going patriotic! Sam Adams – De-constructed! It’s a sleeper hit..

    Don’t forget to hoist one for our fallen our fallen comrades! Without them, would we have craft beer?

  7. So far the fridge at the Parents McBrewin’ compound contains a Deschutes assortment (Obsidian, Mirror Pond, Red Chair, Black Butte) plus Sam Light, Lost Coast Tangerine something (it’s grim), Ninkasi Total Domination, one bottle of Chimay Blue (that won’t last long), and the possibility that Mama McBrewin’ might crack one of her bottles of Abyss that she’s been keeping around. There’s some Heineken and Coors Light in there too, but that’s not my fault.

    Will report further as the weekend continues, but I do have a four pack of Ten FIDY back in my fridge that’s not likely to last beyond Monday, along with a couple left over Old Rasputins.

  8. Boulder Mojo IPA.

    …oh, and yesterday I was at the closing party of Chicago Craft Beer Week, drinking a shit-ton of beers from Revolution Brewing, Half Acre, Haymarket, Rock Bottom, Metropolitan, Two Brothers and Finch’s Beer Company.

  9. Had some Sebago Hefe last night – not bad at all. Also had a few Sam Lagers with the pops. Forget how freakin’ delicious that beer is (especially when the rest of the fridge is filled with Bud)

  10. He said comrade.

    The Czar’s Father is in town, lets call him Director of The Program, so as soon as they have retired to the room of available ladies, I will post what they drank this weekend.

  11. Last night I had a Rochefort 10 and Sam Smiths Imperial Stout. The weather was unseasonably chilly and wet, and I apparently forgot what weekend it is. Its supposed to be 90 today though, so I’ll dip into some Ska Modus Hoperandi and maybe hit the store later for something else fun… we’ll see.

  12. Had a random Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock today that somehow ended up at the McBrewin’ cabin out in the sand dunes. No clue where it came from, but that’s a damn good beer.

  13. Nice, I remember buying the Ayinger Doppel for the sole reason that it had a plastic goat hanging from the neck of the bottle. Awesome beer

    Had a couple of Portland, ME brewers today – Gritty McDuff’s Vacationland Summer Ale and a mixed 12 from Geary’s. The mix had their Summer and the usual suspects like their ale and porter. Not sure why, but that London Porter tasted damn good with the sun blazing down and my hands dripping with drawn butter and lobster entrails. Mmmmm…

  14. Apparently it was a Saison kinda weekend for me. A Dupont saison that was made with honey (Bier de Miel or something like that) and on of Fantome’s sour saisons (Hiver, I think). Both were quite good, though very different!

  15. I tried the Hoppin Frog Mean Manalishi last night. Despite Barley’s and Slouch’s glowing reviews, I have hesitated on this one due to the enormous price tag and so-so reviews elsewhere. Deep red color, on the malty side for the style. Really not that hoppy, some decent bitterness but no nice aromatics. I didn’t mind drinking it, but I was less than impressed. I think the flavors compare to the new Laughing Dog Sneaky Pete, which packs more booze and is about 1/4 the price locally, and a better option for a big-red-malty-hoppy mess of a beer.

  16. Drank about 2 cases of Good People IPA (red, white, and blue cans of course. I’m a goddamn American, aren’t I?). Watched the Champions League final whilst grilling some burgers, Slouch. Pretty sweet match. Spanish National Team + Best Player in the World = Greatest Team Ever Assembled.

  17. Man do I love that Good People IPA can. Barley sent one up to me with a bunch of other bottles and it looked great all beat up and wrapped in newspaper. Such a classic labeling job.

    I think Simmons had the best tweet during the Champions League final – “Messi!!!! I continue to think that he’s better at soccer than anyone else is at anything.”

  18. i drank some hop devil, old chub, and pina coladas while chilling with the ginger ale and her grandparents at the beach.

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