In this week’s installmentĀ Slouch, Barley, and special guest Beerford McBrewin’ discuss:

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4 thoughts on “ALL BEERS CONSIDERED #16

  1. I carry both Maui & Kona beers, & it’s harder to keep Kona brews in stock. It’s all about how many palettes AB orders per region & their policies in general & their attitudes towards breweries not wholly owned by them. Sadly, that affects Breckenridge Brewery, since they’re in AB’s distribution house here. I couldn’t get any of Breckenridge’s Christmas Ale last year, because AB said they had to throw out a palette of it the year before. Complete & utter bullshit! I couldn’t get enough of it, it was selling so fast. And I know damn well that has everything to do with the guy they had ordering micro-brewery beers- he’s a through & through AB man, and knew jack shit about micros.

    Sam Adams is in their house too, but because SA is so big, AB’s bullshit doesn’t affect them quite as much, although it has happened a few times that a SA slot has sat empty for far too long. The more I have to deal with AB’s bullshit, the more I despise them. Ok, I’ll stop ranting now.

  2. I’m not sure if that’s meant as a compliment, or rather as ‘don’t piss off the crazy woman, she might rant your ass into a corner & make your brain explode with its machine gun like rapidity.’

    Rapidity? Rapidness? Rapidliness? Oh fuck it. Schnell! Schnell!

  3. You know, I always feel strange when I hear about brands like Magic Hat having had good reputations “back in the day.” As the young guy here, for me, there was never a time they were good. I’m a little sad to not have the perspective of having seen the whole progression.

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