Never attack the Death Keg Solo...

It’s not surprising that most beer geeks are, first and foremost, regular geeks. That same obsession with detail and nuance that drives our obsession to hunt down a galaxy of craft beer offerings leads us to latch onto other cultural phenomena be it wine, cigars, movies, cars, or whatever; and there is nothing we geek out to quite like the Star Wars Trilogy. In honor of Star Wars Day, and since every holiday necessitates the appropriate beer, let’s take a look at some of the brews inspired by George Lucas’ masterpiece. Maybe you can’t get a flagon of authentic Boga Noga, Corellian Ale, or Ebla Beer… so whether you’ll be drawn to the light or dark side of the firkin, pick up a craft brew and join our little rebellion. May the Fourth be with you!



This badass prestige stout is as black as Vader’s helmet and as dense as a black hole. Though threatened with a cease and desist letter from Skywalker Ranch, NEBC continue to brew their critically acclaimed beer after a subtle label change. Can you spot it?

The Old Republic
A New Hope


For some reason this film franchise conjures bold, black stouts in the minds of brewers. The west coast craft beer leaders give a tip of the cap with their own Imperial brew:

Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side


No doubt fearing retaliation from the Empire, many brewpubs have produced one-offs with Stars Wars themes that have never been packaged or bottled like the Triple Rock Death Star, the John Harvard’s Chewbacca IPA, CB and Potts’ Java The Hut and the Water St Millenium Falcon Amber and Old Wookie Barleywine:

These are not the stouts you're looking for...


The label for this Belgian Imperial Stout side project from the Athens’ brewers claims to be “Darker than the underside of Vader’s cape”. That cape is made from solid material, so I’m assuming it’s fairly dark under there:

I'm plumb out of Dark Side jokes


Pushing the boundaries of space/time/meta references to the limit, the Brew Kettle Taproom in  Strongsville, OH invokes the 1987 Mel Brooks parody film Space Balls to delightful effect:

I would drink this at Ludicrous Speed

Brewers will no doubt continue to commemorate their favorite science fiction trilogy with tribute beers, and Lucas Films will continue to stomp them out with Cease-and-Desist letters. Why does it have to be this way? Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

Happy Star Wars Day, Aleheads! And may the Schwarzbier with you…

7 thoughts on “STAR WARS BEERS

  1. Mashtun, Doc, the Baron and I cracked open an Imperial Stout Trooper over the weekend. I thought it was the best beer of the evening which is saying something considering that the rest of the line-up included: Westy 12, Westy 8, Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, Berkshire Coffeehouse Porter, Allagash Confluence, Ballast Point Sculpin, and Pretty Things Our Finest Regards.

    To be fair, the Westys were WELL past their prime…Doc is in the process of emptying out his beer cellar prior to moving.

  2. Wow, nice star wars beer-rendition… I have not seen any in the mid west but I am sure the beer-force will be with me. Mchops.. I need to drink with you… you have awesome taste. Beer wars the party! Maybe a local thing like the Fight Club for beers would be very cool. May the beer be with you!

  3. That’s the best tribute EVER to my inner ewok. Nutcha! Nutcha!

    damnit! I find my lack of star wars beer disturbing.

  4. I found both the Imperial Stout Trooper and the Terrapin Dark Side to be amazing.

    Barley, I think the Sculpin edged out the Stout Trooper that night. But I’ll grant you it was close.

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