The Aleheads usually shy away from plugs of any sort (although some of us could use hair plugs and Beerford has been known to dabble in butt-pluggery from time to time). But when one of our favorite commenters, Triple R (aka Reader Resie Rae), asked us to promote her favorite local brew festival, how could we say no? Besides, this sounds like a pretty sweet event. Colorado has always been my dark horse pick for “Best Beer State in the US”, and spending a summer day swilling brews in the shadow of the Rockies sounds even more heavenly than hanging out with Moonlight Graham in a cornfield in Iowa.

Rather than adulterating Resie’s prose, I’ll simply post her e-mail verbatim. Partly because I’m lazy, and partly because I really can’t improve on what she wrote. So here you go, Resie, consider yourself plugged (and not in the painful, Beerford way).


Name: Resie Rae

Message: HEY YOU GUYS!! (said in the voice of Sloth from Goonies)

So I’m callin’ on you Aleheads for a flavor; plug an event for me on the site! Would ya could ya please? I’ll hold bottles of Odin’s Tipple for you if you do…

The 15th Annual Brewers Rendezvous is coming up in July in Salida Colorado. Put on by the Colorado Brewers Guild & Salida Chamber of Commerce, this years event is sure to get everyone who attends, good & drunk. And I plan on being drunker than I was last year. Ha! Well Hell! With 45 Colorado Micro Brew tents, and a 16 oz glass -(I assume it’ll be the same size as last year, but maybe we’ll get lucky & be even bigger… last year had 35 tents, if I remember right. Bigger & better every year seems to be the motto!) I’m sure to be quite happy. And loud. And eventually passed out in the bed of my truck. …but I digress.

The Brewers Rendezvous will be in Salida, Colorado, on July 9, from 1 pm to 5pm (but will probably drag on- how do you get over 1500 drunk people to disperse at 5:01??) at Riverside Park, at the corner of Front Street & E Street, right on the river. Cover is $30 per person & for a few extra dollars you get your commemorative glass. Last year I lost mine in a drunken haze, I’ll try to hang onto this years glass. Whining crying dogs & leg biting children aren’t allowed, sorry! Well, the dogs aren’t allowed anyway.

There will be food tents & music, and some really strange people wandering around. The shit I saw last year still makes me fall into a fit of giggles & guffaws. Salida’s own Amica’s Brew Pub will have a beer tent & a food tent featuring their pizza, and possibly the *gag* Green Chili Beer if they haven’t come up with something new for this years event.

I’ve encouraged the boys from Beer Tap TV to come, & I hope to see some Aleheads there too! Bring an appetite for beer- you won’t be disappointed.

Hope ya’ll can come & join the celebration of great beer & fun people! Just don’t get so drunk you fall in the river- there’s better ways to float the Arkansas River.

Resie Rae

15th Annual Brewers Rendezvous
Saturday July 9, 1-5pm
Riverside Park, Front & E Streets
Salida Colorado
$30 per
45 Colorado Micro Brew Tents
Food & Music

Contact Salida Chamber of Commerce
(877) 772-5432 or (719) 539-2068


  1. The Arkansas River? Are you telling me there’s an “Arkansas River” in Salida, Colorado?

  2. Kid, have you been sleeping through your Geography classes again?

    Rivers in the US are often named for the states in which they terminate. Hence the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

  3. Use to live in Colorado Springs… I can attest to the awesome local brews. Too bad I am 700 miles and on lock down at the job… Have one for all of us!
    Thanks Resie Rae.

  4. Hells yeah! Thanks so much mah Beer Brothers! I ‘preciate it. I’m doing my damnedest to bring more beer fans to Southern Colorado & help to beef up our rep. We run into a lot of snotty elitists that think all of SoCo are nothin but hicks & that puts a cramp in some of the beers I can get down here. Pisses me off! I’d like to buck futter some of them bastards with a spiked steel dildo while wearing a drunken bugs bunny costume. Just sayin’.

    Oh! I forgot to mention Brew Ha-Ha in Canon City Co. Saturday May 21 3-9 pm Veterans Park @ 3rd & HWY50. $20 per person. 20 beer tents food music & stand up comedy. Put on by Fremont County Center for the Arts.


  5. Have been there the lasy eight years and its the single best event in the area all year. The temp is usually around 85 with a breeze. Look for me I will be wearing a buffalo hat! Stay thirsty my friends!

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