This week, Slouch and Barley blabber about:

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2 thoughts on “ALL BEERS CONSIDERED #13

  1. Here’s a piece I did on the beer selection at PNC Park.

    We haven’t had winning baseball in 18 years but at least we can get decent beer for $8.75 🙂

    the Pens new arena is an absolute joke when it comes to beer. Pens make this beautiful new arena and the “brewhouse” is all crap. They sell Rivertowne and some Penn Brew but its barely in stock. I asked aramark about it and they gave me the usual “we’ll look into it”. Each game I take a pic of their cooler as soon as it opens just to prove my point.

    cheers yinz

  2. Glad to hear that PNC recognizes the importance of craft beer at a ballgame, Father Spoon. I suppose you need SOMETHING to draw people to the ballpark when the main event is suffering through another Pirates game. Although, considering how my Sox have started the season, Fenway should probably consider hastily adding a lot more craft beers to their taps if they want to keep their vaunted sell-out streak alive.

    Incidentally, I noticed a couple Church Brew Works beers in your article. Slouch took me to the Church when I visited the ‘Burgh a few years back. There’s something very satisfying about pounding a Dubbel in old pew seats in a transept. Very cool place…

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