Oh, another lazy Monday morning where the Aleheads are still sleeping off rampant overindulgence from yet another blurry weekend.  As my fellow writers slumber I’ll quietly post one of the most simple blog tricks known to man – A reader poll.  We’ve set up a poll at the start of every season, most recently with a listing of tasty Winter Brews (Scotch Ale being the reader’s choice for the chilly months).  Now that the snow is melting, flowers are popping through the turf, and belts are loosening up for BBQ season, I figure we need a refresher on what types of beers we should be reaching for until Summer sets in.

So fellow readers, what’s your favorite style for the Spring?

Feel free to offer suggestions on specific beers in the comments section.


  1. I qualify under multiple categories here. I qualified under multiple categories here LAST NIGHT.

  2. Also if you go back and look at the results of the winter poll, you’ll see that barleywine and not Scotch ale was the winner.

  3. Svetlana’s uncle sold tp me barrel of brown ale fourteen years ago. I drink from barrel and beer is not good. He put four suckling pigs to brine in barrel! Ha ha ha. Svetlana and I laughed much and then roasted the pigs. They were delicious. I set fire to her uncle’s flat when Karl had finished being made to the drinking the beer.

  4. On a serious note, spring is when I go from drinking DIPAs to regular IPAs. So light and refreshing.

  5. I find no flaw in your logic, Hordeum. I’ve been drinking a lot of regular old Stouts and APA’s recently, strictly for the “Light and Refreshing” aspects. Probably not the first thing you think of when you see Stout, but compared to what I’ve been punishing myself with all winter I think a 6% Stout works for easy Spring sipping.

  6. 1. Am I the only one who thought voting for Saison would put me in a tiny minority? I’m never as rare a rose as I think. Rats.
    2. The czar, while huge by Hanlon standards, is tiny by Russian ones. I think. I assume all Russians look like Drago. Or maybe Zangeif.

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