This is the end.  My only friend, the end. We’ve finally reached Sunday, which is either the end of the week if you’re like me or the beginning of next week if you’re like everyone else.  The “Beer of the Day” journey culminates with Sunday, so named not for the Lord in our English language but for that giant ball of fire known as The Sun.  Pretty simple I suppose.  I won’t bore you with the details on why this post was written.  If you’ve made it through the first 6 days I’m sure you can figure out what comes next.  If this is your first visit to the site, click back on your browser and start surfing through the rest of the week to see what beer I chose for each day.  Probably best to scroll down the page and start on Monday, but I understand if you get lost on the way.  We’ve had some good content this week.  Back to this post.  The Sun is a tad important in the world of brewing (And the world of living I suppose).  Without the Sun I’m sure you can figure out that we’d have no barley, no hops, really no anything.   Most importantly, we’d have no beer.  Let’s pick a good beer from a fun style that celebrates that very body that our world truly does revolve around.

So, should we pick Sol for this exercise?  It does meet two of my requirements in that it comes from a style that I don’t normally drink, piss, and it certainly represents the Sun pretty well with the name, but there’s no reason anyone should be drinking that shit.  There’s plenty of beers out there that are associated with the Sun to some degree.  For me though, no brewery represents the Sun in a more positive light than Anchorage’s own Midnight Sun Brewery.  Anchorage gets nearly 24hrs of sunlight as the year approaches the Summer Solstice – Tell me this brewery isn’t a perfect fit to represent Sunday.

Midnight Sun makes a ton of really great beer and runs the gamut in terms of styles from around the world. From their tasty, sessionable Sockeye Red IPA to their Berkserker Imperial Stout to their Panty Peeler Tripel, they seem to touch on just about every style out there.  While these beers are all fantastic in their own right, for my little game I’m going with a style I don’t drink nearly enough of for the simple reason that they knock me on my ass every time.  For Sunday, I’m choosing Midnight Sun’s Monk’s Mistress, a smack you in the face Belgian Strong Dark Ale that will tempt anyone with a sweet tooth or a pension for getting blackout-drunk.

Belgian Strong Dark Ales are tough to pin down.  They can be sort of like a Barleywine with all the hops stripped out, a Tripel with a bucket of caramel dumped in, or a Dubbel with a shot of whiskey added.  The Monk’s Mistress is only 13 IBU’s!  That’s one-three, thirteen IBU’s.  A Bud Heavy would scorch your tongue faster than this BSDAwould.  Of course, there’s a touch of alcohol in there too, 11.5% for this example.  What I love about BSDA’s is that they hide their ample alcohol well but don’t use a heavy hand of hops to mask anything.  Lots of sugar, lots of booze, but absurdly drinkable.  That’s where the blackout-drunk comes in.  BSDA is the most deceptive style I’ve ever come across. One minute you feel like you’re tossing back a few Brown Ales and the next minute you’re staring up at the ceiling from your kitchen floor with eggs and peanut butter burning on the stove and it’s only 9PM.  How’d you get there?  Why’d you choose that combo to cook up?  That’s what a couple of BSDA’s will do to you.  Ringing endorsement?  I thought so.

I think the Sun would be proud of a painfully deceptive brew to be chosen in his/her honor.  High gravity beers are a lot like the Sun.  You play around with them for a while and think they’re a good idea, but at the end of the day you just end up sunburned with a scorching headache.  And like the Sun, we just keep coming back for more.

That’s all we have for this week folks.  Hopefully in a few days I’ll compile a shopping list for all you readers so you have something in hand for next weekend’s beer store trip.  Until then…

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