Good stuff this week as Slouch and Barley take on:

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4 thoughts on “ALL BEERS CONSIDERED #11

  1. About Dark Lord Day:

    From what I understand, Three Floyds does make more of the beer every year, but every year the interest is stronger and stronger as more non-Aleheads and new Aleheads are added into the fold.

    I got my ticket for Dark Lord Day this year. I was refreshing the site constantly as the clocked chimed the hour, and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t have any trouble getting my ticket. I do feel bad for the people who were shut out, but seeing as I had my pick of the litter, I don’t feel TOO bad. I didn’t even buy the second ticket (you’re allowed to buy two), because I wouldn’t dream of being one of those bitch scalpers.

    In fact, I doubt I’ll even buy the full allotment that I’m allowed. I just want a bottle to drink, and perhaps a few to attempt to trade online. I’m easy like Sunday morning.

    I’ve never been to a Dark Lord Day before, having missed the tickets in previous years. To me, the biggest reason for really wanting to go is the comraderie and not necessarily the Dark Lord. The event is known to be a fest with huge tasting tables set up and beer from around the world. People trade entire beers, but more often just allow people to sample stuff. I’m hoping to cross off a few whales from the list–I’d love to see somebody toting some Deschutes, or maybe a bottle of Surly Darkness. I’ll bring some Half Acre or something myself, something that people from outside Chicago wouldn’t be able to get their hands on.

    So, I will be there. If you guys want some Dark Lord, I may be able to get it for you with the rest of my allotment, although I’m not sure what it will be. Probably 4 to 6 bottles.

  2. Part II: I figured I would break up the part about Milwaukee Brewing Company into a separate comment.

    It’s located a little southwest of downtown Milwaukee, still within the city proper, in an old neighborhood. I visited them as part of my August “Southern Wisconsin Beer Road Trip,” but they were not originally a planned part of the trip. I ended up there completely by organic evolution.

    Earlier in that afternoon, I visited the Milwaukee Ale House, one of several downtown Milwaukee brewpubs. At the time, I was under the impression that the majority of the brewing for the location was done on-site, but I then learned that the site only had an experimental brewhouse. A few fellow Aleheads and Chicagoans, also on a beer tour of sorts, were sitting down on the other end of the bar, and told me that much of the beer was being made at the Milwaukee Brewing Company, several blocks away. They related a story of having visited the brewery on a whim several months before and having been warmly welcomed. They reccomended I go say hello to the brewers, and I agreed.

    Note this: Milwaukee Brewing Company is a purely production brewery. They have no real “visitor-friendly” area. They do have a tour, but I didn’t show up on any day with tours scheduled. Instead, I just walked up to some dudes loading grain out of a truck, explained who I was and where I had come from, and was promptly introduced to Jim, the brewery president.

    He proceeded to basically hang out with me in their brewery for the next two hours, pouring and handing me some of their brews, introducing me to the brewers, and taking me into nearly every corner of the brewery to watch the brewers fiddling with mash tuns and kettles and whatnot. He sent me on my way clutching bumper stickers, glassware, and beer.

    They had literally no reason to do any of that stuff for me. It’s not like I told them I was going to be writing about it, and I haven’t even written anything about it until now, and that was back in August. They did it just to be nice and hang out with a geeky 23-year-old beer nerd. I think that’s a pretty cool thing. And so I’m definitely a booster for them now. What started as something I had no knowledge of (they weren’t listed on Google for some reason) before my trip turned into one of the best moments of it.

  3. But I assume after your visit, Milwaukee Brewing sent you a Cease & Desist letter making sure that you didn’t write or mention anything about the brewery in the future, right? I was under the impression that’s how things worked these days.

    We need more brewers like those at Milwaukee Brewing. If they’re willing to even take the Kid in, with his jean shorts, Star Wars T-shirt, and I Heart Zack Snyder button, then clearly they’re good people. I’ll put ’em on my “must-visit” list for the next time I’m in ‘Sconsin.

  4. Hey. HEY. You do not say that I like Zach Snyder. I will do things out of his movies to you, and you will not like them.

    …scarily accurate about the jean shorts and Star Wars shirt, though.

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