Ah, the blessed Hump Day.  While it’s still only the 3rd day of the week in my mind, the simple fact that Wednesday is the bridge to my weekend creates anxiety on one side of the hump and bliss on the other.  You’ve got your folks that say “Too bad it’s Monday” and others that say “Thank God it’s Friday”, but for me I can always look on the bright side of life with the little phrase “At least it’s Wednesday!”.  Simple pleasure I guess.  Right, back to the subject of beer.  For those just joining us, we’re trying to come up with an excuse to re-try oft forgotten styles of beer and we’re doing so by associating a day of the week with a particular beer.  Speaking in terms of planets and Gods, Wednesday is brought to us by Mercury, the God of trade and messenger of the Gods.  In that sense, I guess any damn beer would do since every beer is traded unless you’re making it yourself.  But we can do better than that.  Let’s dig a little deeper and see what beer best represents Mercury, thus best representing the middle of the work-week and Wednesday.

Wednesday is a tricky day to wrap up in a single meaning.  You’ve got Mercury, which is easy, but what about the Norse God Odin (Or Woden if you want to understand why we call it Wednesday, Woden’s Day).  I mean, Odin is allegedly what Santa Clause is based on and he’s supposed to be associated with everything from war to wisdom to death to hunting.  I can’t really peg down a beer or beer style with so much to work with.  I guess I’ll just go with Mercury, since we’ve been sticking with celestial bodies all week with the Moon for Monday and Mars for Tuesday.  Even though us Anglophones use Woden as the root for Wednesday, the rest of the world has developed a fondness for Mercury (Mercredi, Miércoles) so that works for me.

I suppose I could go the easy route and just pick something from Mercury Brewing Company out of Ipswich, MA.  That doesn’t really help with identifying a fun style that I don’t normally drink though.  Remember, I’m looking for an excuse to pick out a style that I haven’t had in a while.  Let’s stretch the imagination a bit and remember that Mercury, as the God of trade, presided over the ever important grain trade.  Without grain, we’re shit out of luck with making beer.  For this exercise, I’m going the grain route and choosing the Bruery’s 7 Grain Saison as my Wednesday Beer of the Week.

It shouldn’t matter that I’ve never had the 7 Grain Saison or that it’s only available on draft in a very small distribution area.  I’ve had plenty of The Bruery’s beers and each and every one of them offers some special ingredient, technique, or just something really cool that makes the beer unique among a sea of a thousand beers.  For the 7 Grain Saison, we’re looking at a beer that makes use of barley, oats, wheat, rye, corn, rice, and spelt.  Tell me Mercury wouldn’t be proud of that!  I don’t drink nearly enough Saison and thinking through this silly little experiment made me realize just how much I crave a good Saison every once in a while.  Spicy, dry, bubbly, earthy – Those are just a few things I look forward to every time pop the cork on a good Belgian Saison.  My favorite of course is Saision Dupont, the most classic example of the style, but you can’t go wrong with Ommegang’s Hennepin or practically anything from one of my favorite Belgian brewers, Fantôme.  And even though I can’t get the 7 Grain Saison, I can still get my hands on bottles of The Bruery’s Saison Rue and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Homework assignment – Drink Saison in the next week.  You’ll feel better, trust me.  Tune in tomorrow to see what that timid little freak Thor has in store for us with all his thunder claps and lighting bolts.  How Thor got pushed toward the middle of the week is just beyond me.  He’s Thor!  You’re naming Thursday after him?  We’ll have to pick a really good beer to make up for that.  Till’ tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “BEER OF THE DAY – WEDNESDAY

  1. You have to admit that having seven straight days of Thor’s day would make calendars rather more confusing.

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