I do not need an excuse to drink a beer.  Birthday, Flag Day, Christmas Day, today – Every day is a good day to drink a beer.  While I don’t need an excuse to drink a beer, I sometimes need a bit of prodding to get me to branch out and try something new.  I’m not talking about a new brewery or a new version of some over-hyped Double IPA that everyone is gushing over.  I try new breweries and new beers just about every week.  What I’m talking about is trying a style that I don’t normally slide into my usual fridge rotation.  Scotch Ales, Red Ales, Quads, Pilsners – Those are just a few styles that seem to get passed over just about every time I walk down the aisles of my favorite beer store.  No reason, I happen to like all of those styles, I just don’t like them to the extent that I LOVE IPA’s and Stouts.  So, in an effort to branch out of my taste wheelhouse I’ve decided to throw together a random “Beer of The Day” series and highlight a different style with each new day.  For a little twist, I’m picking a highlighted beer that matches up with the true significance of the weekday.  Make sense?  Yeah, I didn’t think so…

How’s this?  Today is Monday.  I’m starting with Monday because I don’t believe that the week should start with Sunday and end with Saturday.  Screw that.  So, today is Monday and I’m trying to come up with a  little excuse to try a style that I don’t normally drink.  Let’s start with the significance of the word Monday.  While you can do your own research and come up with a better, more detailed explanation, we’ll just go with the simple meaning that Monday is the day of the Moon – Moon’s Day.  Moon Day.  Those silly Greeks thought it would be fun to name the 7 days after the Sun, the Moon, and the 5 known planets of their time.  If it worked for them, it works for me.  OK, now let’s find a cool beer that makes the best use of the Moon in its name and hope that it also comes from a cool style that I’ve neglected for too long.

Well, we’ve got Blue Moon.  It’s a Witbier, which I don’t drink a whole lot of, but it’s Blue Moon.  Not a Goddamn thing that’s cool about that beer.  Too bad Heavyweight Brewing out of New Jersey wasn’t still around – Their Lunacy would be perfect for this little exercise.  Belgian Strong Pale with a sick looking moon on the label, and it used the word Luna (Latin for Moon, Roman Moon Goddess).  Oh well, we’ll just have to dig a little deeper.  How about this one?

Rock Art Brewery out of Vermont makes some delicious beer, but they’re probably just as well known for their fantastic artwork on their labels.  They’ve got a bit of a crunchy hippie thing going on as well (Very subtle for VT standards), so it should come as no surprise that a few of their beers make use of earthly and celestial themes.  For this Monday, for our friend the Moon, I’m pegging down Rock Art’s Black Moon IPA as my Beer of the Day.

I’ve had the Black Moon IPA in the past and it’s quite delicious – Piney, roasty, curiously robust for an IPA.  That said, it’s one of only a few Black IPA’s that I’ve sampled and definitely one of the only one’s I’ve seen from a New England brewery.  Oh, you can call it a CDA or American Black Ale if you want, I really don’t give a shit and could care less what your opinion is on the subject.  We cool with that?  Good.  So, now that I’ve tricked myself into coming up with an excuse to drink a beer on a day when I really need no excuse to drink a beer, maybe I’ll let you in on my why I chose this exercise by adding a little homework assignment.  Sometime this week, when you’re staring at the shelves of delectable brews and want to try something a little different, reach out and grab an American Black Ale.  Sure, it’s the trendiest style in brewing right now and you’ll probably swing and miss if you reside outside of the Pacific NW, but live a little.  Throw a new style into the rotation just for this week and put back that IPA that I know you’ve already had before.  I know my logic makes no sense at all, but who really cares what little logic was used if you reach the end of a journey and find yourself with a new beer in hand.  All I’m trying to do is to get you, and me, thinking about different styles to broaden our beerly horizons.  It will all work out in the end.

Tune in tomorrow to see what we have in store for Mars Day (a.k.a. – Tuesday).  God of war – Must be something out there for me.

7 thoughts on “BEER OF THE DAY – MONDAY

  1. Rock Art’s a terrific little brewery – great choice, Doc. I’ve laid down a bottle of their Riddler that we’ll have to crack into sooner than later. Quite mysterious.

  2. Do they distribute outside of VT/MA? How does this one compare to the Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet? I had a chance to try that one during a trip to Boston earlier in the year and was really impressed – even after hearing all you guys talk about it forever.

    For the record, I’ve also had some excellent experiences with the Deschutes Hop in the Dark if you can get it.

  3. You know Professor, the Black Moon has a lot in common with the Hoppy Feet. I had some notes penned down from the Clown Shoes offering and the only striking difference was an emphasis on fresh, floral hops. The Rock Art is more of what I’d consider a traditional CDA, whatever the hell that may mean.

    Unfortunately I still haven’t sampled the Hop in the Dark as that was the one bottle from Brother Barley’s San Fran package that smashed to pieces. I could still see some of the label, and I wept. Please Deschutes, I’ll put you up at my house while you look for a local distributor in Massachusetts. We need you out here!

    According to the Rock Art website, they’re distributing in VT, ME, MA, NJ, PA, and of course Arizona.

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