Kid Carboy sent around a link to this delightful little parody of Discovery’s “Brew Masters”. The spot-on piece was put together by those rascally lovers of rhythms on the upbeat, the brain-trust at Ska Brewing. It’s a respectful “takedown” of Sam Calagione’s ill-conceived reality series and the mavericky cowboy himself even makes a cameo appearance to show he has a sense of humor about the whole thing.*

*This still doesn’t excuse the existence of the “Pain Relievahs“, Sam.

The Ska-Crew are clearly brewers, not actors, and the dialogue can be a bit stilted, but it’s still a sweet and funny pin-prick to Calagione’s massive ego-bubble.  Obviously made on a shoe-string budget by a group of guys that have quite a bit on their plate, the video nevertheless mimics the tone and feel of Brew Masters perfectly and has some particularly delicious digs at the Discovery series. I particularly enjoyed the moment when Dave talks about brewing the Toasters beer as being “a HUGE moment for me…I mean…the whole team.” Also when Matt mentions that they have to get the beer brewed, bottled and distributed in 5 minutes. Those quips are a perfect counterpoint to Brew Masters which implied in practically every episode that Dogfish Head was basically Sam Calagione and a bunch of scrubs and that all beers were brewed and distributed under insane deadlines.

So cheers to the Ska-Crew for doing a much better job than the Aleheads every could at satirizing Brew Masters. Oh, and for brewing the Modus Hoperandi. That beer is delicious.

5 thoughts on “SKEWERED BY SKA

  1. Any word yet on whether Discovery is going to air the last couple of episodes of Brew Masters that they ordered?

  2. DFH tweeted that they have no idea when Episode 6 is going to air. Something tells me that Discovery has not been particularly enamored with the show’s ratings…

  3. I heard somewhere that the final episode centers around DFH building an Italian brewpub in NYC, and the whole project, and thus the show, has been delayed. No word on when it will finally air.

  4. Sam C: “I’m going to come try your toast beer! Did you see the thing we did in that episode…?”

    Ska Brewers: *Ignoring* “There’s Adam Avery! Adam, Adam!”

    Sam C: “…Adam who?”

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