The Commander about to go Donkey Kong with an empty DraughtKeg of Bell's HopSlam.

As a few of my fellow Aleheads pointed out (read: mocked me for), last week’s conundrum should have been: What beer are you drinking/serving during the Super Bowl? Since we’ve already missed the boat on that one, I thought I’d throw it out to everyone.  So, Aleheads and aleheads, what did you drink while you were watching the Super Bowl?

For my part, I worked my way around a couple bombers of Pelican Doryman’s Dark Ale, a great session beer I recently discovered.

6 thoughts on “MISSED CONUNDRUM

  1. A 5L mini-keg of Bell’s Hopslam. See above. It was awesome. I was even still awake at the end of the game. A brief tasting note:

    I’m drinking out of an 18 oz stein. The 4″ of foam settled nicely into a white cumulus. The head then became pockmarked as if someone had sprinkled cinnamon or nutmeg on top. You know, like starbucks for people with penises. The beer itself is almost orange, pretty clear with lazy carbonation drifting toward the top. Actually if you look at the underside of the head you can see the bubbles there, kind of like the video I saw in middle school of the sperm that weren’t the first into the promised land. This beer is very pretty.

    It smells unbelievably floral. I don’t know what kind of hops these are but I think they were cross-pollinated with my grandmother’s perfume.

    The taste is very good but I’m surprised this is (apparently) as good as imperial IPAs get. It is pretty sweet with tons of citrus and honey. Lots of pine too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s damn good.

  2. i started out with a north coast le merle. very solid saison. after that, i split a 750 of cigar city guava grove with the ginger ale. excellent stuff. once that had been consumed, john e and joey were gracious enough to give me samples from the bombers they were sipping on. some lost abbey lost and found ale from john e and some heavy seas barleywine from joey. i finished the night with a personal favorite, oskar blues gordon (gordon biersch’s aggression will not stand). great super bowl all around.
    see you in the ladies’ restroom, ben roethlisberger.

  3. I kicked things off with the remnants of a homebrewed Imperial IPA (The rest went into my chili). For the rest of the night I kept things pretty simple with a few grabs from a Southern Tier Pale of Pales mixed 12 – Pale Ale, IPA, 422 Pale Wheat, and Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale. Finished things off with two of my favorites from Founders – The Double Trouble and Backwoods Bastard.

    I wish I went to Spencer’s house though – Far more interesting than my paltry lineup.

  4. Wake ‘n’ Bake and Big Hoppy Monster from Terrapin. Tilburg Dutch Brown Ale. Duchesse de Bourgogne. And a bottle of Brother David’s Tripel courtesy of Mr. John E.

    I spent the first half of the game watching Finding Nemo with Baby McHops. I spent the second half with the game on mute because I hate Joe Buck so very, very much.

  5. I knew the Commander. I went to school with the Commander. And that, sir, is not the Commander. Well, unless he’s holding a normal, 12-oz beer can over his head and posing in some sort of minature kitchen set.

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