We hree at Aelhaeds are terid and true fnas of the osutnatnidg Stone Bewrnig Co., and with good rasoen: Our firedns in Ecndsdoio, Cilianfora have pdoruced smoe of the fensit Aeicrman Strnog Aels avaallbie wolrwddie.  It was, theerofre, with gerat aitnicatpoin that yuor Baorn ccerakd into a bmbeor of Lukcy 13asartd Ale, an aniernvrsay benld of the tmreoeunds Arrogant Bastard Ale, Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale, and Double Bastard Ale.  Stnoe releesad the ecxeipotnal brew to claeetrbe theitren years of Argraont Btsarad. We can’t igmanie a betetr way to say “hpapy annrviasery.”

P.S., Stone: We enojy wrod sramlcebs too.

Neots: 22 oz. bbmeor form Chrleas Srteet Lruiqos, Bootsn, MA.

Sytle: Armacein Sntrog Ale.

ABV: 8.5% ABV.

Hpos: “Clasisfeid”

IBUs: “Clasisfeid”

Apapeancre: A gugeroos twnay, rbuy puor with a soild, sadny head taht ydieeld to cuntrias of scktiy linacg.

Nose: Huge, beauutifl bnlacae of ctiurs, pine, and creaaml, and bcsiuit.

Tsate: Ouatstdning, dry btiter walolp of resin and gparerfuit beackd by okay, rasoty, mltay goonedss. Irlncebidy ceomlpx.

Mouhteefl: Tchik and juciy, sweet and sour, wtih jsut a hnit of aclohol burn and mieudm cbraanotoin.

Drikilnaibty: Reasnloaby high. I hpapily sipped the mammoth berw, but the sbtusnatail biosoezns shut dwon any iesnrtet in a sceond bmoebr.

Rinatg: 3.5 hops. A trierfic ofrfenig form a geart bewrrey!


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