In a move that can only be described as deeply partisan, President Barack Obama has reportedly ordered several cases of Amber and Pale Ale for the White House Super Bowl bash this weekend from Hinterland Brewery in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Was this cheese-headed pandering a snub aimed at Steeler Nation, or just an innocent oversight?  A little research indicates Mr. Obama has been busy lately- something about the internet being down in Egypt or something, which, if true, is a total bummer.

But this aggression will not stand, man. Scott Smith, owner of East End Brewing in Pittsburgh has ignited a campaign to make sure some Pittsburgh craft beer is on hand when the leader of the free world kicks up his feet for the big game. It began as a tweet from @douglasderda (Aka Father Spoon of the popular Pittsburgh beer podcast Should I Drink That?):

“Someone ship @Eastendbrewing ASAP! RT @bigfoamyhead White House Orders Green Bay Beer for President’s Superbowl Party.”

Now a president elected due to an ability to galvanize support online is the target of a viral social media campaign dubbed “East End to DC” which includes a Facebook fan page sporting over 1,000 members, and thousands of #EastEndtoDC tweets flooding Twitter, as Steeler and craft beer fans nationwide call for bipartisan support of the measure. The attention has garnered some attention for the small brewer, including a Reuters UK interview. Mr. Smith has even volunteered to drive the beer to the capital himself if necessary, though time is growing short.

So what can concerned Aleheads do to help?

Aleheads, mount up and rock the vote! Happy footballing…


  1. I just wish they’d send East End to Ohio. I couldn’t care less what beer the president drinks 2 oz. of before not watching the Super Bowl.

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