We’re starting a new feature here at Aleheads: All Beers Considered. It’s a more contemplative Podcast than our far more contentious Maltercations. If the latter is the beer equivalent of sports talk radio, All Beers Considered is more like NPR. It’s a way for us to chat about current beer news stories and share our own unique, pointless, wholly uninformed opinions of said stories with our readers/listeners.

In our first installment, Slouch Sixpack and Brother Barley discuss:

2 thoughts on “ALL BEERS CONSIDERED #1

  1. Sam Adams, for allot of people, was the so called gateway beer into the microbrewery movement. Having consumed countless suitcases of macros in high school, I discovered the Boston Lager early in my college years. It had flavor, it was more intense than the premium german brews I sucked down on occasion; it was completely different than anything I had prior, & I was instantly converted. As my hop-tooth developed, the Sam Adams lost some of it’s zeal. Maybe it grew too big, maybe Jim didn’t want to alienate potential customers with BU’s, or maybe the Miller-bots are stripping the life & soul out of Jims contracted beers. InBev has debased allot of historical breweries; I have to think that volume does influence quality, or at least character. It will be a sad day if Anchor follows the trend.

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