Big thanks to old friend (and faithful reader) Jukebox Pat for sending along a link to a hilarious comment thread and picture. In case you haven’t seen a Sam Adams commercial over the past couple of years, the man in the picture is none other than Jim Koch, CEO of the Boston Beer Company and frequent muse of the Aleheads.

If you don’t feel like clicking through the link, let me post the relevant comments from the guy (JudoTrip) who posted the picture:


JUDOTRIP: My friend (pictured above) came back down to Southern California, and as we were killing some time, he mentioned that he wanted to try that “new Samuel Adams beer, Infinitron, or something”, because they don’t have it where he’s from.

We walked into a Ralphs across the street and hit the beer isle… and there was Jim Koch, drunk as SHIT, just gesturing at all the beer and looking really happy.

He told us: “I’ve been drinking since 7AM. What the fuck?”

He informed us that we could find his new beer, Infinium, at a local liquor store, and was generally just really awesome.


JUDOTRIP: He was super stoked to be talking to us, asking us about our favorite beers and stuff. He said he was just there to check to make sure the beer was fresh and well-presented.

Quality control right from the very top. That’s awesome.


JUDOTRIP: We bought two bottles when we found it and it’s delicious.

Jim didn’t seem that thrilled with it. He said it will be a limited run.

I’m pretty sure that’s why he was in the store. He was just there with some suit-guy who was also really nice, and they didn’t have any clipboards or anything “official” looking. They were essentially just hanging out, looking at beer.


In conclusion, Sam Calagione travels to exotic countries, completely ignores his brewery and employees, and thinks everything he makes is pure gold. Meanwhile, Jim Koch serves as a one-man quality control department by getting hammered on his own product at 7 in the morning JUST to make sure his beer is fresh and presented well. And when pressed by fans about a particular beer, he actively admits it’s not that great!

Advantage: Koch. And that’s why Sam Adams will always be near and dear to my heart.


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