In mid-August, Doc, Magnus and I got on the horn for a Maltercation about beer news and the utility of BeerAdvocate, the biggest beer forum/rating website on the intertubes. We ran into a host of technical issues and the vast majority of our rambling, shambling discussion was lost to the ages. But while sifting through a backlog of audio files on the ol’ desktop, I found a surprise treat…roughly 30 minutes of audio from this “lost” Maltercation.

It’s nothing special…the discussion was fairly tame and we lost whatever narrative thread we had roughly 10 seconds after starting. The plan was to talk through BeerAdvocate’s Top 100 beers…which we quickly edited down to 20 once we realized how slowly we were progressing. The audio I salvaged is very truncated…it doesn’t even get us to the #5 beer. Normally, I would just chalk it up to bad luck and not bother posting the piece. But since this recording gives our readers one last chance to listen to Magnus’s melodious voice, I decided I had no choice but to post it.

Three caveats before you tune in:

  1. The impetus for the Maltercation was Pliny the Elder supplanting Pliny the Younger as the #2 beer on BeerAdvocate. It has since stayed in this position, but for quite some time, the Elder sat at #3. So when it passed its younger brother, we felt it was worth commenting on. I should note that it wasn’t until Magnus and I (and the Commander, Lord Copperpot, and Cap’n Jack) consumed absurd quantities of Pliny in Santa Rosa that I learned the beer was actually pronounced “Ply-Knee”. We erroneously pronounce it with a short “i” throughout this Maltercation. Completely my fault…Doc and Magnus were just following my lead. I’m an idiot.
  2. The recording cuts off pretty abruptly right as we’re about to take on the Kentucky Breakfast Stout…probably Magnus’s all-time favorite beer. I’m not sure if this is impossibly sad or wholly appropriate. I’ll let you decide.
  3. I apologize (as always) for talking too much. If I had known this would be my last chance to share Magnus’s voice with the world, I would have shut my damn mouth and let the man ramble on for hours about whatever he wanted. But at least you get to hear him defend Magic Hat #9 one last time. Rather than wrap up this Maltercation with our usual Dropkick Murphy tune, I’m letting Magnus take us out with what was, frankly, his favorite word in the world.

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