We’ve all been there.  In fact, I’m sure some of us are there right now.  The dreaded Hangover – That oh so awful reward for your oh so awesome night of over indulgence.  As the resident fake Doctor of the group, I felt compelled to re-post an article I just read on CNN Health regarding Hangover Remedies (Go ahead, click the link, just come right back).  Sure, from a medical perspective the only real way to cure a hangover is to avoid drinking too much in  the first place, but what fun is that?

While CNN took a logical approach to this list, including my favorite “Remedies” of greasy foods and a half a bottle of Advil, I’m just shocked that they missed the all-time best cure for a hangover.  Yes, I’m talking about the time-tested, oft-repeated, toe-curling puke.  Seriously, who doesn’t feel better after emptying the night away into the closest repository?  I prefer the projectile approach, but if you don’t like the mess I’d suggest just resting your cheek right on that porcelain altar and letting it rip.  Or, go the Spaulding Smails route and find the nearest sunroof to lighten your load.  You can thank me later.

4 thoughts on “10 HANGOVER REMEDIES

  1. Your Baron prefers the old timey relief of Goody’s Powder (since 1932), ice-cold tomato juice, and chilled neopolitan pizza. Good for what ale’s ya. Get it? Ale? Your Baron is a national treasure.

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