A big thanks to faithful reader Spencer for inviting me out for a brew to celebrate the birthday of his drinking buddy (and occasional Alehead commenter), John E.

John E. celebrated his birthday in style with good friends, high-gravity beers at the J. Clyde, and some delicious-looking cupcakes (props to Spencer’s Mom for the latter). I popped in for a moment, shared a cask-conditioned Boulder Twin Sisters and an Avery DuganA, chatted about beer and ‘Bama brewing laws, and generally enjoyed the company of John E., Spencer and Co.*

*With the notable exception of their female ginger friend who, like all gingers, was extremely off-putting and smelled like brussels sprouts.

John E. is a fine beer blogger in his own right (check out his Tumblr site here). He was kind enough to invite me to a stout tasting in the near future where his crew will be sampling such beer luminaries as the Deschutes The Abyss and Three Floyds Dark Lloyd.

Since it was his 27th b-day, we made the requisite jokes about him having to die this year to live up to the legacy of Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, and Cobain. We also discussed the most convoluted beer-related posts we’ve every written (it was a tie between my attempt to select a beer to represent every character in The Wire and his post comparing every book in the Harry Potter series to a brew).

Thanks again to Spencer for including me in the festivities. It’s always a treat meeting fellow Aleheads!*

*Also, thanks for not being creepy stalkers and trying to steal my kidneys.

4 thoughts on “FELLOW TRAVELERS

  1. thanks again for coming.

    sorry about the ginger. despite all of her gingery faults, she likes to drink good beer, so we let her hang around.

  2. Yeah, as long as you don’t get too close to her you shouldn’t get too many gingery germs. It’s good for Spencer that he has developed an immunity.

    Thanks again for coming Brother Barley. It was a good day indeed. Oh and it looks like we might do the stout tasting on a Sunday in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Oh and I totally ripped off the idea for the Harry Potter thing from your Wire comparison (which I’m sure you figured out). So probs for that.

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