Looking over Bodega’s beer list is, to an Alehead, blissful frustration. There are over 50 amazing beers (blissful). We’re getting older, and with our collective tolerance waning, a dive into more than 3 high-ABV beers in one sitting is inadvisable (frustrating). Happy hour has all draughts 50% off (blissful). Choosing the correct 3 beers that 1) you’ve never had before, 2) will enjoy, and 3) are unlikely to be found in bottles at the local store, before you have to cut yourself off (frustrating).

Bodega Columbus Ohio

Luckily, the quality of the beers is such that you really can’t go wrong with anything. Well, almost…I’ll get to that later. For now, let’s talk about the good stuff.

I’ll start with my first beer of the day, the Goose Island Minx.

Whenever Goose Island comes out with a limited release beer that you can only find on tap (brewed only once, in fact), you’d be an idiot not to order it given the opportunity. Well, I am an idiot, and the Commander is most certainly and idiot, and we both spotted this one a mile away. Couldn’t pass it up. The beer arrived at my barstool in a 10 oz. glass, looked like a typical IPA (only cloudier) and sported a creamy, frothy head. The nose was amazing. Floral hops and Belgian yeast storm into your olfactory bulb, and immediately trigger your salivary glands. Had noGoose Island Minx trouble finishing this one.

While they call this beast a Belgian IPA, at 8% ABV you could really call it a Belgian Double/Imperial IPA. Or perhaps a Double Dubbel? The taste was consistent with the nose, with some bready notes and heavy on the citrus hops. The Belgian yeast was masterfully coordinated with the hops and bready, malty backbone.

I couldn’t recommend this beer enough. An easy 3.5 hops to start my 2010 Bodega experience. I can only hope that this beer develops a solid following so that Goose Island increases their production. If anyone from Goose Island is out there and reading this, please consider. I’d buy a bomber of this in a heartbeat.

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