Among our many-ish talents, the Aleheads are renowned (/reviled) for our countenance on difficult issues of a moral, spiritual, or beer-related nature.  Dr. Ripped Van Drinkale III posed the following challenge to the rest of the Aleheads.  Since we just can’t keep our inane blathering to ourselves, we decided we’d share it with you, our loyal reader(s).  Enjoy.

Ripped Van Drinkale:

Need some assistance from my fellow [Aleheads].  I’m heading over to Redbones in Cambridge, MA tonight to celebrate their annual Northwest Brewers Fest.  Unfortunately I’m a week late so I’ve missed out on some beauties, but it looks like there’s still plenty on tap.  Since I’m going with my wife I’ll only have an hour or so to enjoy myself.  In other words, I’ll only get to try a couple of beers.  Let me know what should be tops on my list.

Slouch Six-Pack:


I can speak for the award-winning Deschutes Mirror Pond, one of the strongest flagships out there. Really liked the Lagunitas Brown Sugga- would be curious your take on it (not that you’d pass up an offering from your “favorite brewery”)

— .

Sir Magnus Skullsplitter:

I can also vouch for the Green Flash Hop Head Red.  I doubt you would pass up a cask beer, but it’s a pretty tasty one, anyway.

Sudsy von Brue:

In addition to those two, the Troegs Mad Elf caught my eye.  Good stuff, but boozy… let the wife drive.


I actually discussed the Mad Elf on the [Maltercation] podcast we recorded last week that will likely never see the light of day.  Quality beer, for sure.

I would like Doc to take this into consideration:

Slouch Six-Pack:

Also curious about the Silver City Fat Slouch [We think he means Fat Scotch.  His slip-up is all the more bizarre given that Slouch Six-Pack may not have an ounce of fat on his body.  -eds.]

P.H. Lager:

Deschutes Jubelale is their annual seasonal christmas brew – supposed to be quite good although i’ve never had it.  It can be pretty hard to find and is very popular among people who drink a lot of Deschutes.  The Mirror Pond Pale ale is as [Slouch Six-Pack] mentioned an excellent although relatively generic pale ale.  Enjoyable, but probably not worth it if you only have time for 1 or 2 on that list.  It’s easy to find elsewhere if you want, and there are a bunch of other great beers there.

Looks like a good list, have fun!

Barley McHops:

Here’s how this is going to work, Doc. You’ve got one hour…which means four beers:

1. Start with the Winter Warmer to get your requisite spice intake out of the way: Deschutes Jubelale
2. Get a nice, sticky buzz going with the Lompoc LSD
3. Cleanse your palate with a super-roasty Alameda Black Bear Stout
4. Finish it off with a 9.99% ABV Brown Shugga.

I can only vouch for 1 and 4, but 2 and 3 are made by well-respected Oregon breweries and they’re begging for tasting notes. Anything less than four beers will bring shame upon you and you family.

Commander Pint O. Chug:

This from the guy who told Lord Copperpot that he (Barley) couldn’t drink more than three beers in a sitting anymore.  Don’t buy into the bluster!


  1. I said I “shouldn’t” drink more than three beers…not “couldn’t”.

    This is where I should point out that the Commander’s limit is roughly half a pint.

    Keep us posted on your selections, Doc. Looking forward to an update.

  2. FWIW, I replied privately to this one rather than to the group (for no good reason), and advocated the Jubelale and the Lompoc options.

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