NOTES: Bomber from City Beer Store in SF

STYLE: Tripel

ABV: 8.5%

APPEARANCE: Rich, hazy gold

HEAD: Very large, very frothy white head that fades slowly

LACING: Chunky and sticky like spackle

NOSE: This is as good a Tripel aroma as you’re likely to find on this side of the pond. Big bursts of coriander, orange zest, clove and pepper that snap, crackle and pop atop a bed of biscuity malt and candi sugar sweetness.

TASTE: Nice, sweet bready malt up front which is punctuated throughout the sip by citrusy orange and coriander notes, some fruity esters, and a nice phenolic spiciness. A touch of white pepper and alcohol in the dry, clean finish.

MOUTHFEEL: Champagne-like mouthfeel with boisterous effervescence and a fuller than medium body.

DRINKABILITY: Remarkably drinkable, refreshing, and complex. A very impressive Tripel especially considering that it’s brewed in Anchorage, Alaska…halfway around the world from the style’s ancestral homeland in Belgium.

RATING: 3.5 Hops. It would be worthy of that rating even if it didn’t have one of the Best Beer Names ever.


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