Happy post-election Wednesday everyone.  To celebrate the day when politicians can go back to hating themselves instead of hating each other, I just wanted to pass along news of what is clearly the most important issue on any state ballot.  Massachusetts will go back to the days of yore and allow its good citizens to purchase alcohol without the heavy burden of sales tax (Yes, the Summer of 2009 is yore).  Yay booze!

Sure, seats were won and lost yesterday, drapes will be changed in a few Governor’s mansions, blah blah blah.  How is any of that more important than cheaper booze in Massachusetts?  I won’t throw around words like tax-free, since clearly we Massholes pay dearly in excise on booze, but getting rid of a ridiculous 6.25% sales tax on something that’s already been taxed is OK in my book.  I’m not saying I won’t still head up to NH for everything Grapey and Bourbonesque, but for beer I can finally stay back in the homeland and drink my brews at a more manageable cost.  Apparently cries for “Won’t somebody think of the children?” were answered by “Won’t somebody think of us poor Aleheads and our thirst for good beer?”.

Congrats MA Question 1 – I drink to you!


  1. We’ll see if prices actually drop, or if this turns out to be a huge money grab for the industry.
    I asked a manager at the local store if prices would drop, and he hemmed and hawed about distribution channels, suppliers, etc. etc. It was telling that his answer wasn’t a simple “yes.”

  2. Sorry, I should have been more clear on that. It’s not that prices will drop, it’s that your receipt will be less since you won’t have to pay any sales tax (Just like it used to be). If you see a sixer for $7.99, you’re paying $7.99 plus the returnable deposit on each bottle instead of $8.49 with tax.

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