Just wanted to send a quick snapshot of the bounty I hauled in at the City Beer Store in San Francisco. Though fairly small in terms of pure square footage, the City Beer Store has an epic selection of brews and a highly knowledgeable staff. They also have six draft offerings…generally of rare beers you can’t find bottled anywhere. And their best feature? That would be the $1 corkage fee. So you can grab a 750 of Speedway Stout, crack it open for a buck, and sit back on a bar stool and share the dark, rich deliciousness with your fellow Aleheads. There’s nothing better than a package store you can drink in. I highly recommend a visit to anyone in the Bay Area…

7 thoughts on “CITY BEER STORE

  1. I can’t tell from your pic, was the Hair of the Dog you found the Fred? I’m loving that brewery.

  2. Camera phone pic…not my finest work. It’s the Hair of the Dog Blue Dot…an excellent Double IPA. I love Hair of the Dog…the Fred was the first HotD brew I ever tried (at the Brickskeller in DC) and I’ve never looked back. I don’t think they make a bad beer.

  3. A bit nervous after the first half, Gramps…but a 103-yard kickoff return for a TD can brighten your day (or Monday Night as it were) substantially.

    Sweeney, it’s hard to tell in the picture, but the first four of the sixteen bottles have already been consumed. Wish I could say I made it through the whole row in one night, but I didn’t even come close. Although, if you look at the bottle on the end and realize that it’s an Older Viscosity…not the more ubiquitous Old Viscosity, you’ll understand why it was a multi-night effort.

  4. I’m exceptionally envious of your “Bitches Brew” grab, Barley. The Miles nod alone may save my opinion of Dogfish. Keep us posted on how it drinks.

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