NOTES: Bomber @ Alys Beach, FL with Barley McHops

STYLE: Quadrupel/ Belgian Strong Ale

ABV: Ummm.. 12%. Get it?

APPEARANCE: Slightly hazy with a nice auburn hue.

HEAD: Good-sized, off-white head that fades fairly quickly.

LACING: Awesome and complex, with sticky lacing that clings to the sides of the glass like cobwebs.

NOSE: Sweet apple, apricot, yeasty spice, and a whiff of the lurking booze.

TASTE: Malt bill was lots of candied sugar and caramel- like the liquified shell of a candy apple*. The sweetness was cut through tremendously by the fruit flavors: bananas, orange peel, raisins, peaches. The huge ABV is dangerously well-incorporated; we could barely taste it in the finish, even as the beer warmed.

*Barley planted this flavor in my mind like they plant dreams in Inception, and a big red candy apple was all I could see in my mind’s eye with every sip. All the more reason for weak-minded souls to avoid the bigger beer review sites ¬†before writing a tasting yourself.

MOUTHFEEL: Full, but carbonated enough that it didn’t drink like syrup (like so many other Quads) leading to…

DRINKABILITY: Unfortunately, tragically high. It definitely got us started on the wrong foot for an evening that ended in an epic alespin.

RATING: 4 Hops. We vacillated a bit considering the competition within the style, but ultimately couldn’t find anything about the Victory V-12 to detract from our highest score. Highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “VICTORY V-12

  1. As I mentioned in the Top Ten Barleywines post, you should really try to limit yourself to one or two beers of this magnitude. Slouch and I limited ourselves to ten bombers (and assorted smaller bottles and cans). The results were, shall we say, predictable.

    When I arose the next morn’, Slouch was still asleep outside and his soiled clothes were still floating in the plunge pool. Mrs. Sixpack was unfazed as always. She’s a trooper.

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