NOTES: Bottle @ Alys Beach w/Slouch Sixpack

STYLE: Imperial IPA

ABV: 9%

APPEARANCE: Clear copper with orange edging

HEAD: A small, but extremely tightly-knit pure white head lasts throughout the drink

LACING: Lofty lacing holds high and tight on the glass

NOSE: A quintessential Imperial IPA nose. Pine and grapefruit followed by grapefruit and pine. Bold, bright, and beautiful. There’s a distinct lack of malt aroma in the nose. That’s not overly unusual with uber-hoppy beers like this one, but considering how well the malt and hops balance in DFH’s 60 Minute, it’s a little surprising.

TASTE: Could definitely use more of a malt backbone. Imperials are supposed to be hop-forward and while the 90 Minute isn’t ridiculously aggressive, it just doesn’t have the sweet, malt character to balance what is a legitimately great hop profile. If the hops are Simon, then the malt is Garfunkel. Sure the Simon-hops generally take center stage and are the star of the show, but without the Garfunkel-malt, it’s just not the same. Still, the hops are quite tasty…pungent citrus fruits mesh beautifully with a strong, pine resin flavor. A big, bitter finish with a definite, but not overwhelming hit of booze in the end.

MOUTHFEEL: Nice medium body with very good carbonation. A bit astringent on the finish…most Imperials are drying, but the 90 Minute goes a little beyond that.

DRINKABILITY: It’s damn drinkable, but it suffered in a back-to-back taste test with the Lagunitas Hop Stoopid. If we hadn’t sampled that other Imperial, it would have fared extremely well, but alas, you can’t drink beer in a vacuum. Context is everything and the truth is that the Hop Stoopid is a nearly perfect Imperial and the 90 Minute is just a hair less balanced. Still a ridiculously good beer though.

RATING: 3.5 Hops


  1. I am not agreeing with your assessment. This beer tasted poorly. I has drinked the Dogsfishhat 90 Minutes IPA yesterday after meeting a mistress at the United Nations and was very underconvinced. The ‘characters’ of beer is as Barleys advertises – well carbonated, hoppy, fruity with pine scents and because these are the smells of my homeland estates I am partial to them. The only problems with this beer is the taste. This beer tastes astringent and metallic and has a funk to it that I just cannot forgive, like my brother who is dancer. Maybe Barley’s malt misbalance at work, maybe I am less hopeful for tasting here. Taste is a consistent disagreement I have with DFH taps and bottles. They are well regarded even among haters here at alehats but I cannot name one DFH beer in bottle or draught I have enjoyed. If I had had this beer before the ‘overrated’ conundrum this would have been excellent addition.

    To take taste from mouth and to give you better example I drinks next a Kelso IPA ( and it was tent of times better. Full flavor, with the bitterness and hop flavor even brighter and at the same times without the stink of whatever it is. This IPA is lower proof so we are not undressing twin sisters, but I will make easy decision to save my calories for white wine when the DFH barks.

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