NOTES: Bottle @ Alys Beach w/Slouch Sixpack

STYLE: Brown Ale

ABV: 4.25%

APPEARANCE: Clear chestnut with reddish highlights

HEAD: Thick tan head that sticks around for awhile

LACING: Thin, but sticky lacing

NOSE: Rich, caramel malt, a well-rounded fruit aroma, and a faint, but distinct nuttiness

TASTE: As the nose implies, the malt takes center stage with a nice, sweet molasses/caramel rush up front. The middle has a slightly vinous, fruity flavor followed by a baked bread/nut finish. Neither too bold nor too bland.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium bodied with excellent carbonation

DRINKABILITY: This is an absolute session beer. As drinkable in the dead of winter as it is in the dog days of summer. Refreshing but full-flavored and with that nice, nutty flavor profile setting it apart from the rest of the low-ABV Brown Ale pack.

RATING: 3 Hops


  1. Per your suggestion, the Commander and I had this whilst vacationing on the gulf coast (as some of you may already know, the Gulf Coast was once where people congregated on pristine beaches to enjoy oil-free ocean). The pecan is there, but doesn’t overwhelm the brew. It’s incorporated masterfully.

    A definite session beer. Not one that you want to have in a series of other beers. Just finish the whole 6-pack. You won’t go wrong.

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