Fresh off the wires, we here at are proud to announce the official release of the newest offering from Clown Shoes Beer – Eagle Claw Fist.  I recently sampled this Imperial Amber on cask at Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale in Boston and let me tell you, we’re talking nothing short of extraordinary.  A big thank you to Clown Shoes for allowing us to break this news to our fellow Aleheads, knowing full well the questionable caliber of reader that we bring to our incomprehensible beer blog.  Now that’s love!

Clown Shoes Debuts Eagle Claw Fist to Outstanding Reviews

(Lexington, MA) Clown Shoes Beer recently released its fourth creation, an Imperial Amber ale dubbed Eagle Claw Fist.  A release party was held on August 16th at Deep Ellum’s in Alston, Massachusetts. Eagle Claw Fist, like its predecessors, is available in 22 oz “bomber” bottles, as well as sixth barrel and ½ barrel kegs.

At its base, Eagle Claw Fist uses Canadian Two Row, English Crystal, and a little Black Patent malt to provide a sweet, balanced backbone and healthy amber color. The unique hop profile is a result of the perfect marriage between Simcoe, Centennial, and Citra hops. The Simcoe and Centennial hops work together to provide the bitter side of the beer (it weighs in at over 100 IBU’s!), while the Citra hops provides aromas of tropical fruits.  The same Chico yeast that shaped Eagle Claw Fist’s sister beers (Hoppy Feet and Brown Angel) is utilized.

Eagle Claw Fist provides an intense bitterness that manages to leave your mouth in one piece and is harmonized by flavors of tropical fruits and flowers. Basically it has the power and grace of a Shaolin Monk. Eagle Claw Fist is best served chilled rather than cold to allow the bitterness more time to mellow.

Clown Shoes Beer continues to show respect to what craft beer should be with its small batch, artisan approach. All four beers have gotten tremendous reviews from both casual drinkers to the hardcore craft beer fanatics. Hoppy Feet Black IPA, the brand’s flagship, was released in January 2010 to great reviews. Expectations were high as Brown Angel (a hoppy double brown ale) and Clementine (a Belgian Wit) were released in the spring and summer, respectively. With the arrival of Eagle Claw Fist for the fall Clown Shoes has cemented itself as one of the new breweries to keep an eye on in New England. A multi-state expansion is underway as well as several new beers that will continue to push the craft beer boundaries. Breaking Clown Shoes news can be found on their Twitter (@clownshoesbeer) or Facebook (Clown Shoes Beer) accounts.


  1. Kudos, Clown Shoes! Your Baron joined the Doc for his Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale outing and can also attest to the wonders of Eagle Claw Fist – remarkable. I can only speak for myself, but suffice it to say that the Doc and I opened a bottle of Russian River Pliny the Elder later that evening – rated the #2 beer in all the world by our friends at Beer Advocate – and I enjoyed Eagle Claw Fist every bit as much as I enjoyed the Pliny. Beautiful balance; gorgeous, bitter pine against a malty carmel backdrop. A brew very, very well done!

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