Quick-hit post courtesy of Magnus Skullsplitter. Sir Magnus sent us a link to this nice little article explaining why canned craft beers are, in fact, superior to their more ubiquitous bottled brethren.

While I agree with everything said in the article (and I am 100% in favor of the canning revolution currently taking place amongst craft brewers), I would like to point out one thing that bottles still have over cans…namely, insulation.

Glass = excellent insulator.

Aluminum = incredibly bad insulator.

Simply put, bottled beer stays chilly quite a bit longer than canned beer. Sit outside on a hot, summer day with a can of beer and it will be steaming after about 5 minutes. A bottled version? You’ve got a lot longer before you’re drinking lukewarm brew.

Of course, if the canned beer is good enough…say an Oskar Blues Gordon…it should be empty before the first particle of sunlight even hits the metal.

2 thoughts on “HE HATES THESE CANS!

  1. And that’s why God invented the beer Kozy…I still have my “Boot Green” Beer Kozy, which I put to good use. You too can look like a red neck, but not actually have to drink piss while doing it.

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