NOTES: Draft @ Pub & Kitchen in Philly


ABV: 6.5%

APPEARANCE: Cloudy amber

HEAD: Small, tight-knit, fades rapidly

LACING: Modest at best

NOSE: A simple, straightforward IPA. A calm, caramel malt sea floating beneath a thunderhead of grapefruit and pine resin hops.

TASTE: Hops hold strong throughout. As with most American IPAs, the grapefruit and citrus hit first and the finish is bitter and piney. That simple, clean malt profile is present but takes a back seat as it should.

MOUTHFEEL: Pretty standard. Medium-bodied. Low carbonation.

DRINKABILITY: High. An easy-drinking, basic IPA. A good session brew on a warm, summer day.

RATING: 3 Hops

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