NOTES: Draft @ Proof in DC

STYLE: Tripel

ABV: 11%

APPEARANCE: Slightly hazy gold with orange edges

HEAD: Thin, white head…dissolves fairly quickly

LACING: Very nice. Lingers high up the glass in sheets.

NOSE: Exceptionally complex and exceptionally well-balanced. Massive variety of fruit aromas…orange, lemon, banana, pineapples and peaches. Big hints of vanilla and spice. A warm, tingling whiff of peppery bourbon. All of those notes are held together by a big, fresh-baked biscuit backdrop with a generous aroma of yeast.

TASTE: Everything is more subtle in the taste. Less fruit. Less yeast. Less spice and booze. It’s citrus up front, sweet pale malt and vanilla in the middle, and a touch of drying bitterness in the finish. For all the bold notes in the nose, the flavor is actually quite delicate and refined.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium-bodied, but bright and effervescent. Tingles like champagne.

DRINKABILITY: For an 11% tripel, the Curieux is remarkably drinkable. The alcohol is present in the finish, but so well-incorporated that you would have no idea how strong this sucker is. Subtle flavors and a captivating nose add to the drinkability.

RATING: 3.5 Hops

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