NOTES: Draft @ Eulogy Belgian Tavern in Philly

STYLE: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.5%

APPEARANCE: Imagine you’re tied up in a burlap sack, thrown into a wooden box, and locked in a cast-iron crate. Then you have 10,000 pounds of concrete poured on top of you. Once the concrete hardens, the entire structure is lifted out by crane and dropped into the Mariana Trench where it sinks 7 miles deep before settling on the ocean floor. Can you picture how dark it is in there? The Ten FIDY is darker.

HEAD: Dark, mahogany-colored head is about one-finger thick, but lasts forever. VERY tightly knit bubbles.

LACING: Perfect. Coats every inch of the glass.

NOSE: Rich and redolent, this little baby packs a punch. Huge roasted malt profile with massive doses of 100% cacao chocolate and dark roasted coffee. A big burst of pine-resiny hops completes the picture.

TASTE: The Ten FIDY is so rich…so malty…so chocolatey…there’s no way it could have enough hops to balance out the enormously dense malt backbone, right? Wrong. Oskar Blues packs the brew with enough hops to choke a moose and then some. 98 IBUs on this bad boy. The malt and hops somehow play off each other perfectly even though each is amped up to 11…maybe even 12. I don’t think you could pack much more flavor than this into a brew.

MOUTHFEEL: I’m not going to lie to you…this is about as thick a beer as has ever been conceived by man. Lush, impossibly full-bodied, and creamy. It’s well-carbonated so it doesn’t sit in your stomach like lead, but this is definitely one dark beer that confirms the often erroneous stereotype that dark beers are heavy.

DRINKABILITY: Very low, but for all the right reasons. So much aroma…so much flavor…a high-ABV…and a massively full mouthfeel. Add all those up and you’d be hard-pressed to put down more than a couple of these. But drinkability does not necessarily a good beer make. And the Ten FIDY isn’t just good…it’s amazing.

RATING: 4 Hops

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