NOTES: Bottle @ Brick Store Pub in Hotlanta

STYLE: Belgian IPA

ABV: 8.5%

APPEARANCE: Very cloudy amber with golden edges

HEAD: White and monstrous. Very long-lasting.

LACING: Copious

NOSE: IPA up front…Belgian in the rear. The Simcoe hops dominate the aroma with their distinct, pine scent. There’s a generous amount of biscuit in the background and a nice, funky Belgian yeast aroma as well. Just a touch of fruit esters round things out.

TASTE: The flipside of the nose…the Belgian dominates while the IPA takes a backseat. Nice, easy-drinking pale malt sweetness up front and a classic undertone of Belgian yeast and spice. The hops are more pronounced in the finish where a nice, drying, citrus flavor leaves you thirsting for more. Far less aggressive than other brews in the style (like the Terrapin Monk’s Revenge).

MOUTHFEEL: Because of the hyperactive carbonation, the Hugh Malone is remarkably light-bodied.

DRINKABILITY: Belgian IPAs are challenging brews, but I found the Hugh Malone very accessible. I could definitely have put down a few of these. But as is the case with most Allagash offerings, the price tag is the limiting factor.

RATING: 3.5 Hops

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