NOTES: Bottle @ Hot ‘n’ Hot Fish Club in Birmingham

STYLE: Amber Ale

ABV: 5.8%

APPEARANCE: Clear, deep red with amber highlights

HEAD: Off-white, frothy, and holds true for quite some time

LACING: Not much, just a few spots here and there

NOSE: Fairly muted. Mostly caramel and molasses. Not hop-forward at all…what little there is in the nose is more spicy and floral.

TASTE: The underwhelming nose doesn’t prepare you for what is actually a delicious brew. Compared to other “Irish Reds” (think Killians) this is a bold, and complex beer. It has a roasted, sweet, well-rounded malt profile like a fresh-baked loaf of dark bread. A touch of citrus from the hops leads to a slightly drying finish.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium-bodied with solid carbonation.

DRINKABILITY: Easy like Sunday morning. Doesn’t overpower, but neither does it underwhelm. A clever and fast-drinking brew that serves as an excellent flagship for an excellent brewery.

RATING: 3 Hops


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