NOTES: Draft @ J. Clyde in Birmingham

STYLE: Coffee/Milk Stout

ABV: 7%

APPEARANCE: Black as midnight in the belly of the Sarlaac

HEAD: Color of cookie-dough batter. Lasts forever and a day.

LACING: Coats the glass like spackle

NOSE: The best coffee nose you’ll get from a beer. Richly aromatic espresso beans with a strong dose of sweet cream and well-roasted malt. Big notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, molasses, toffee, and the perfect amount of noseburn from the alcohol to open up your olfactory bulb and let everything in.

TASTE: Like an espresso bean wrapped in dark chocolate cloaked in sweet, dark roasted malt, dipped in fresh cream, with a dash of hop bitterness, a pinch of warming booze, and a heaping helping of love.

MOUTHFEEL: Like liquid silk. Luscious, unctuous, and velvety.

DRINKABILITY: Wow. Just wow. I’m begging the Terps to make this a year-round offering. It’s as smooth as Clapton, as bold as Stevie Ray, and as dazzling as Hendrix. It’s so drinkable that you’ll order another one before you start your first.

RATING: 4 Hops

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