NOTES: Draft @ Monk’s Cafe in Philly

STYLE: Porter

ABV: 5%

APPEARANCE: Very dark brown. Almost opaque, but hints of amber around the edge of the glass.

HEAD: Thin, beige head, but it did last quite awhile.

LACING: Decent lacing. Held high on the glass, but spotty.

NOSE: Sweet, but subdued. Coffee, roasted nuts, and a little cocoa powder. Not much else.

TASTE: Sweet. Milk chocolate. Weak coffee. Some roasted malts and toasted oak. Fairly insipid.

MOUTHFEEL: Thinner than a porter should be. Watered-down and syrupy.

DRINKABILITY: OK. Drinks lighter than the style, but not interesting enough to go back for more than a couple.

RATING: 2 Hops

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