We at Aleheads don’t mind toiling in relative obscurity in the dank, seedy corners of the beer-blogging world. It’s our lot in life and we do not expect, nor do we deserve, any better.

Still…it’s nice when the shining light of fame briefly penetrates the rolling thunderheads above and illuminates our dirt-smeared countenances. And there is no brighter light in the blogosphere than that of Wild and Crazy Pearl.

We sat down for an interview with W.C. Pearl a few months back. It was a brush with greatness that we posted on Aleheads.com for posterity. Shortly after our discussion with her, Pearl went on to bigger and better things, and we crawled back into our beer-stained holes in the ground and thought that was that.

Only that wasn’t that! This past week, W.C. Pearl posted some of the highlights from the interview and even deigned to admit being a fan of both Aleheads and this humble beer scribe. We eagerly await the cyber-onslaught from her ravenous hordes of loyal readers (the Pearl Platoon). So thank you Pearl…for championing our humble, little blog. It’s an honor to be a part of your magnificent, white-hot blog fame…even if just for a fleeting moment.

2 thoughts on “PIMPED BY PEARL

  1. oh my! this is too good. the pearl platoon is about to descend here on aleheads. (ps–my blog hits are up 42%! i think it is your folks heading to my unknown home on the web for a taste of pearly beer commentary)

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