NOTES: Bottle @ McHops Monastery

STYLE: English IPA

ABV: 6.7%

APPEARANCE: Light copper and clear

HEAD: Small, white, fairly persistent

LACING: Average

NOSE: It’s an English IPA so don’t expect much in the way of a hop profile. The malt backbone is more bready/biscuity than sweet. The hops add a light floral scent and a nice dose of citrus fruits.

TASTE: Tastes like a primordial version of an American IPA. Everything is toned down from what I’m used to. The malt is chewy and toasted, but doesn’t have the big, sweet character I expect. The hops are present throughout the taste, but with very mild bitterness and just a hint of pine. The fruitiness is subtle and fades in and out throughout sip. A clean finish with little alcohol presence.

MOUTHFEEL: Average all around. Medium-bodied. Medium-carbonation. If it were a steak, it would be cooked medium.

DRINKABILITY: Fairly high. This beer suffers from Misnomer Syndrome. 400 Lb. Monkey? Hardly. This is a subtle, drinkable, IPA done in the English style. Less hops, less malt, and less interesting than many of its American-style cousins.

RATING: 2.5 Hops

4 thoughts on “LEFT HAND 400 LB MONKEY

  1. Had this last night at Valhalla in New York. I find 2.5 hops to be far too high for this beer. It was thoroughly disappointing and I did not like it at all. One friend commented that the smell reminded him of vomit.

    I realize I’ve been taking beers down a lot lately, but this beer was simply not good.

  2. Hmm…sounds like you might have had a stale keg or a dirty line. Not that uncommon in beer bars with lots of taps (Doc touched on this recently in his Tap Out post).

    I wouldn’t really recommend the 400lb Monkey to anyone, but there certainly isn’t anything blatantly offensive about its flavor. If anything, the problem is that it’s just too bland. Might want to grab a bottle at a bodega if you see one just to have a second opinion.

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