NOTES: Bottle @ McHops Monastery during Homebrewing Maltercation

STYLE: Saison

ABV: 6.4%

APPEARANCE: Straw colored and crystal clear…aren’t Saisons generally cloudy?

HEAD: Very thin and very white…like Slouch Sixpack

LACING: Minimal

NOSE: Smells like a Pilsner. No lemon or pepper to speak of. A hint of clove and spice are the only indications that this is a saison. Lots of biscuit and yeast in the nose as the beer warms.

TASTE: Biscuit, bread, and malt up front before the citric acidity finally enters the equation in the middle. The finish is nicely spiced, but I’m still not getting any pepper. The name is definitely a misnomer and I’m still having trouble thinking of this as a Saison. Just not enough character or body to compete with real Saisons.

MOUTHFEEL: Thinner than the style should be and could use more carbonation and effervescence.

DRINKABILITY: It’s drinkable and refreshing, but kind of blah. No lemon. No pepper. No Saison. Whatever.

RATING: 2 Hops

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