NOTES: Bottle @ a backyard BBQ

STYLE: Spiced Beer

ABV: 5.3%

APPEARANCE: Hazy, pale gold

HEAD: Small white, quickly fading

LACING: Insipid

APPEARANCE: Mostly biscuit and bread with a hint of spruce and pine resin. Very mild and quite boring.

TASTE: Didn’t really taste the juniper other than the faintest hint of pine in the finish. It’s predominantly sweet, pale malt up front, a drying, citrus hoppiness in the middle, and some funky off-flavors mixed with the pine resin in the finish. The taste is kind of a mess.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium-bodied with weak carbonation

DRINKABILITY: Very low. Uninspired nose, poor balance…it’s a beer without any character or interest. Another dud from Rogue.



  1. I know you’re a man that partakes in a Gin and Ice Cube from time to time (Classic mixed cocktail of 10 parts Gin to 1 part cubed ice). With that in mind, do you like any other Juniper Ales on the market? I find them all utterly undrinkable, but then again, I feel the same way about most Gin.

  2. My gin days are long behind me. Strictly Bourbon and Scotch these days. Oh, and an occasional beer.

    I’m not particularly fond of spiced/herbed beers, though Williams Brothers makes a few gruits that are at least drinkable.

    I actually have a fair amount of Finnish heritage (my grandmother was Finnish). The Finns brew a beer called sahti which I’ve had the pleasure of sampling a couple of times. It’s an ale brewed from a variety of grains (mostly barley and rye) and its flavored with juniper berries instead of hops. Wikipedia has also informed me that the mash is filtered through juniper twigs (which is kind of cool).

    So sahti is interesting and there are some OK gruits out there. But overall…no. I really can’t think of any juniper/spiced/herbed beers I’m that fond of.

  3. Hmmmm…Sahti sounded interesting until I remembered that Dogfish Head went down that road (Except that they added Chai Tea as well, thanks guys). Here’s some info on their Sah’Tea –

    Maybe Prof. pH Lager can help us all out and toss in some herbs and berries to his next brew. I’m sure as hell not gonna do it.

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