We here at Aleheads think our site is the bee’s knees. The snake’s hips. The cat’s pajamas. The hedgehog’s, umm…talons? Do hedgehogs have talons?*

*Editor’s Note: Yes.**

**Better Editor’s Note: No.

But the rest of the interwebs doesn’t always agree with us. How else can you explain the fact that we STILL have less traffic than Google, Yahoo, and Sewing Machine Review? Simple. The “man” doesn’t always like what we have to say. We push the envelope. We rattle the cages. We gleam the cube. And that makes those fat cats and stumblebums in their ivory towers nervous. So they censor us every motherCENSORED chance they get!

Thankfully, there’s a social-networking savior out there helping your humble heroes reach new heights of popularity (that’s right…we’re coming for you Sewing Machine Review!). And who is this Digital Messiah? Who is this Cyber-Jesus? I’ve got one intentionally misspelled word for you, Chief:


What is Pinyadda? Go check it out. You’ll thank me later (or not…I suppose sending someone a link to a website is a fairly minor courtesy that doesn’t really require a post-favor thank you).

In a nutshell, Pinyadda is a web-based app that serves as a true, social-networking portal. It’s a blissfully easy way to share news and information across the web and it ranks and organizes the never-ending onslaught of internet content based on your usage history and preferences. In other words, it makes the web personal and allows you to share and discuss information that is meaningful to you. Plus it has badges. People love badges.

Pinyadda is a new site, but it’s already making waves. It’s attracting Gladwellian Mavens and Connectors from across the country and it’s changing the way people approach social-networking. But more importantly than that…Pinyadda just selected Aleheads as its first Featured Publisher. Essentially, we’re the best motherCENSORED site on the interwebs and Pinyadda is making sure the world knows it.

So join Pinyadda. You know the site is for real since they just featured the Aleheads. What are you waiting for? Join now or I’ll sic my hedgehog, Henry, on you. He’s hungry…and I just had his talons sharpened.*

*I was going to name him Sonic, but he’s so goddamn slow it’s ridiculous.

One thought on “PIMPED BY PINYADDA

  1. I think I have used every news aggregator/ sharing option out there, from RSS Readers to Digg to Google Reader and everything in between. Pinyadda is the most intuitive, fun, and efficient way to find high quality articles and blog posts, and has a great community and fun badge elements. Plus they are just good folks.

    And I’m not just saying that because we were there first Pimpee. Although it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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