Each year The Aleheads shuffle off modernity’s mortal coil and descend upon an unsuspecting metropolis to imbibe the best beers we can find, scampering about and pillaging the environs like Prawns through the streets of Johannesburg. This year the lucky host city is Philadelphia, and through not-all-that extensive research we’ve narrowed down some Alehouses we’d like to visit. If you read our site, you’ll know we are for the most part insufferably douchey beer snobs with a penchant for complex and hoppy brews. If not, please see previous sentence when formulating recommendations.

We look to you, gentle reader with knowledge of Philadelphia-proper, to advise where to spend these, our precious drinking hours. And if you’re an Alehead that would like to hoist a few pints and shoot the shit with us June 4-6 we’d be happy to make your acquaintance.

So how about our list? What are we missing? Any we should skip?

Aleheads: Map of Philly Beer Bars


  1. I always enjoyed the beers at Monk’s, and you can’t go wrong with their burgers, fries and mussels.

  2. Hey Smiley!

    Monk’s and Nodding Head are the only two on this list I’ve been to and enjoyed both immensely. Any bar that contracts a Belgian brewery for it’s in-house beer (Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale) is A-OK in my book. Did you hit any of the others during your time in Philly?

  3. I think Smiley Lou Brown should join us in Philly. We need a local guide and it’s not like Philly is that far from LA…if you zoom out really far on Google Maps, it’s only like a couple inches.

  4. Wish I could make the trip, I’ve got a lot of fond Philly memories. Nodding Head was a semi-regular in the rotation, always had a good time but I don’t think I really took advantage of their beer selection. And I imagine I hit a few of those other places on a pub crawl or two, but while some of those names ring a bell, none enough for me to vote for or against any particular stop.

  5. The first thing that has prompted me to post on this site — I LOVE Nodding Head! Although I will disclaim that my beer knowledge is limited to what I’ve absorbed from drinking too much beer over the course of too many years with Barley and Slouch.

  6. I hope you found your way down to the ‘tasting room’ (which is really just a bar with a pool table in the brewery) at Yard’s Brewery and took in some of their fine Pugilist brawler, a favourite of mine and my brother-in-law’s. Quality.

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