Fully intending to discuss which beers their mutual friend Goose should serve at his upcoming wedding, Brother Barley and Slouch Sixpack instead went off on a lengthy digression about Slouch’s recent visit to the East End Brewing Company in Pittsburgh. Rather than forcing you to listen to us yammer on for over an hour, we split the BeerCast into two sections. We’ll follow up shortly with Part 2: What’s Good for the Goose, but for now, here’s Part 1: Mr. Slouch in the East End. Is it a high-quality, informative discussion? No. Is it a way to kill 20 minutes of your time when you’re stuck in a cubicle all day. Yes. Yes, it is.


  1. I’m anxiously awaiting what I assume will be an in-depth discussion of the best beer to drink in high volume to pass the time during an otherwise mind-numbingly boring wedding.

  2. Umm…you should probably temper your expectations. The discussion is neither informative nor entertaining.

    But I think we insult you a bunch, so it has that going for it.

  3. Hey Guys,
    Listening to your piece now – thanks for devoting pretty much a whole segment to our little shop here! Here’s my long rambling answers to some of the questions raised…

    No, I’m not a one-man show anymore, and thought I had that reflected on the site.(?) Counting me, there are 2 full time people here: Brendan does most of the brewing these days, and yes, he’s the cousin of the part-time guy at the taps. Amazing that with 2 people at the brewery, you can get TWICE as much done!

    There are also a handful of part-timers minding Growler Hours, some working as little as 2 hours every 2 weeks. I used to do all of it personally: selling beer to bars, delivering kegs to bars, all of the brewing, keg washing, tank washing, mechanical, electrical, purchasing, so-called “marketing”, beer festivals, meet-the-brewer events, and hosting and all of the Growler Hours.

    But after a year or two of this, supporting what was then about 60 tap spots, and routinely working over 80 hours a week, I started to burn out. So little by little, as the business has grown and we can afford it, I’ve been able to shed some of these responsibilities. I still brew about all of the specialty beers, clean tanks, haul grain, and wash kegs. And I do all the mechanical repairs and improvements around the place, beer events, and a bunch of other stuff to boring to go into – thankfully, none of which is sales.

    Unfortunately, making beer is only part of what keeps a small brewery alive, and anyone that says otherwise is delusional.

    We’ve actually had some nice press in the Wall Street Journal with our Big Hop Harvest Ale, and made it into a couple of nationally distributed magazines like Draft and Imbibe, along with local favorites like Table Magazine and Pittsburgh Magazine.

    Given this, would I do an interview with you guys? Hell yes! All you needed to do was ask. I’m always up for talking beer – that is, if I haven’t covered everything here in my rambling post. Drop me a line and we’ll pick a date to talk about beer and share some beers.


  4. Scott,
    We truly appreciate your in-depth response. If we misinterpreted or misunderstood an aspect of your beer operation, it wasn’t willful. We’re just not that bright…plus, we do absolutely no research. It’s a winning combination!

    Having talked to a number of brewers over the years, we know how difficult it is to make it in the world of craft brewing and all of us are in awe of your success. We’re jealous of what you do, but we are well aware of the time, energy, and money it has taken to get to where you are.

    Please accept our profound thanks for doing what you do and for taking the time to check out our site. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we’d love an opportunity to interview you…as long as you don’t mind lots of yammering, swearing, meaningless tangents, and arguing over everything. It’s what we do.

    Brother Barley

  5. “…as long as you don’t mind lots of yammering, swearing, meaningless tangents, and arguing over everything.”

    Wait – I thought you were talking about me. Meaningless tangents are MY LIFE! When do you want to come out and chat?

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