TOP 50 BEER NAMES: #20-11

Continuing with our Top 50 Beer Names (for #30-21 Click Here…for #40-31 Click Here…for #50-41 Click Here)…

Today’s category is JUST PLAIN GOOFY. These are names that don’t seem to have any relevance to the brew in the bottle but are awesome just the same. OK…I also snuck in a few holdovers from yesterday’s “I Get References!” column, but what do you want from me? My plan for 10 beers in each category wasn’t perfect…my plans seldom are.*

*The intro picture is the label for Big Sky Brewing’s Moose Drool. It was #51 on my list…I felt bad that it didn’t make the cut-off, so I thought I’d throw Big Sky a bone. I’m sure they care.


20. Baron Von Awesome (Piece): See? Awesome.

19. Blithering Idiot (Weyerbacher): A classic name for a classic beer.

18. Substance Abuse: (Terrapin) Thanks a lot for reminding me of my problems, Terrapin. Assholes.

17: Sappy Slappy Bastard (Founders): A maple version of Founders incredible Scotch Ale. Just a fun name to say.

16. Chocolate Rain (The Bruery): Some stay dry and others feel the pain.

15. Smell The Glove (Old Dominion): Never had it, but I assume this beer goes to 11.

14. Lumpy Gravy (Lagunitas): One of the least appetizing and best names for a beer ever. I love it…plus it’s Frank Zappa inspired.

13. The Dude’s Oat Soda (Ommegang): Who the fuck are the Knutsens?

12. Bananas N’ Blow (Short’s): Seriously…I have no idea. Sounds like a fun night though.

11. Fred (Hair of the Dog): Hair of the Dog often gives their beers “real” names. Fred is the funniest to me. So there.

Tomorrow we wrap things up with the Top 10 Beer Names. I know the anticipation is killing you, but try to get some sleep tonight.

6 thoughts on “TOP 50 BEER NAMES: #20-11

  1. I’d like to nominate Long Trail’s Double Bag. The label has twice as many udders as any other Vermont beer, so that’s a plus if you’re into cows. Also, other meanings for “Double Bagging It” are numerous.

  2. I’m 100% positive that you are correct, Tuscadero. While my knowledge of Ween’s catalog is fairly limited, I’m sure even the most cursory of internet searches would have turned up that connection. Clearly I am not the most diligent fact-checker. That’s why I write a blog! And if this fails, I can always go report for Fox News.

  3. Hi there, interesting web site, I can’t believe how many different beer’s there are in the Ale family. I am looking for a beer that my dad used to drink, called either, “20 or 30 Carat Ale”, any one ever hear of it? can any one help me find out if anyone is still making it? my dad used to drink it when he was younger, and in the service. This would be great if you could fond out if it is still being made, or who used to make it. Would love to get a hold of some, if it is still availiable! My dad would be thrilled. Thsnk you for any help you can assist me with. Thank you, and Happy Easter. Barbara

  4. Wish we could help you, Barbara. I’ve never heard of 20/30 Caret Ale and searching on-line turned up nothing. Any of the Alehead faithful out there ever heard of such a brew? Can you help Barbara track down this extinct beer?

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