This will probably be the briefest tasting note I ever write…with good reason.

The Mikkeller It’s Alright! is theoretically a Belgian Wild Ale. This style can be tricky to master at best since the Brettanomyces yeasts used in the process are notoriously fickle. To say that Mikkeller didn’t exactly nail the style would be the understatement of understatements.

The beer pours a hazy yellow-brown that makes it look like a dehydrated hobo pissed in a glass. The thin, white head fades very quickly and there’s no lacing. The “good” part of the nose is horse blanket, farmhouse funk, and sour, tart spices. The rest of the nose smells like a urinal cake and foot odor.

Taste? One of the worst beers I have ever sampled in my life. That urinal cake nose is the dominant note in the flavor. It’s like licking a gas station toilet (not that I know from experience, but Slouch described it to me once). If you can get past that stale-piss flavor, there’s a sulfury, lager-esque finish with a lingering, spoiled apple-cider taste.

The mouthfeel is thin, watery, and terrible. Hard to describe the drinkability since I dumped it out after three sips. Wifey McHops just grimaced and walked away. Words weren’t even necessary.

Holy hell this beer sucks ass. Our first Zero Hops beer and it’s not even up for debate. I had to pound a glass of 140 proof bourbon just to scour the taste of failure out of my mouth. Bleh.

6 thoughts on “MIKKELLER IT’S ALRIGHT!

  1. If shipping beer across state lines were legal, I would feel bad about sending you this sample. However, since interstate commerce laws hamper any shipments from Massachusetts, I take no claim to the empty feeling in your soul. You should chose better next time.

    Hard to believe that Mikkeller can master marmot shit (Beer Geek Breakfast w/ Civit coffee) but can’t get hobo piss right. You’d think the piss would be easier to get a handle on.

  2. Absolutely no apologies necessary. If you just sent me stuff we’ve all tried before, the experiment wouldn’t be very fun. The whole point is to try cool, new stuff we don’t know anything about. The Pretty Things Mild you sent me was spectacular and completely canceled out the atrocity of the It’s Alright! Mikkeller is usually spot on so what can you do?

    There’s also a masochistic side of me that likes sampling beer abominations. It reminds me that a well-crafted beer is a precious thing indeed.

  3. So you’re saying it’s not good? You should drink more bad beer…I laughed my ass off. I was trying to read it aloud to Mrs. Sweeney and I couldn’t even get the words out.

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