I’ve written about the Aleheads nostalgic love for Jim Koch and the Boston Beer Company before, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But if you have a moment, read this story and raise your glass to a man who was as influential as anyone in sparking the craft brewing movement in the US. Here’s to you, Jim.


  1. Three cheers to Boston Beer for 25 terrific years. From my perch high atop the roofs of Boston’s Beacon Hill I see warm lights glowing in the Koch household tonight. A cake perhaps? A few toasts. And, of course, many a glass of delicious craft brew. Congratulations, Jim.

  2. Dear Jim

    Thanks for the beer! Except for your Cherry Wheat, Honey Brown, Cranberry Wit, SA Light, Coastal Wheat, Hefeweizen, Cream Stout, etc. Also stop making radio commercials with you effeminate voice. And stop posing in denim shirts. And stop acting like Boston has much to do with Sam Adams, when it used to all be brewed in Pittsburgh and now is brewed in Cincinnati. But hey, you’ve got 60% of the Sapheads ready to suck your Koch for 25 wonderful years, because you can take a Mass out of his Hole, but he’ll always be a Masshole.

    These are the same guys who pile on Dogfish Head for trying too many experimental beers, but look at your list of failures; it’s a murderer’s row the likes of which we haven’t seen since Brother Barley’s string of female conquests during his bachelor year at Continental Theological Seminary outside Brussels.

    Yikes, talk about Dogfish Heads…

  3. Perhaps if Mr. Sixpack had bothered to read my earlier post, he would have realized that I addressed ALL of his points in detail (Sam’s myriad beer failures, their brewing in Cincy, and their being surpassed in quality by numerous other breweries). I know clicking a hyperlink takes a lot of effort, and that Mr. Sixpack is quite possibly the laziest man in Allegheny County, but still…

    The POINT of the post is not that Sam Adams is the epitome of craft brewing. It’s that Jim Koch was a catalyst for the modern craft brewing movement and provided a workable, viable business model for other brewers to use to compete against the evil corporate monoliths that had dominated the industry for so very, very long (and still do, sadly). Koch and the Boston Beer Company may not make the greatest beers on Earth, but they paved the way for many of the ale factories that my fellow Aleheads and I drool over today. For that, Mr. Koch deserves our eternal thanks.

    But what do you expect from a man born in Detroit? When your own hometown provides you with absolutely nothing to be proud of, all you can do is try to poop on other cities. At least Mr. Sixpack moved to Pittsburgh eventually…an admittedly cool town.

    And his point about my post-seminary year is accurate. In my defense, I was drunk. All year.

  4. I agree with the above. I read this post because it was one paragraph, and skipped the hyper-linked one because it was not, and I sensed yammering.

    I just really can’t stand the commercials he insists on doing himself. He has no personality and a singularly grating voice. Someone needs to show him the Budweiser ads with the talking dalmatians and Clydesdales or something. The beer is piss-poor, but the evil corporate monoliths sure know how to whip up a Super Bowl ad.

  5. That point, which I did not address, is spot on. Jim may know how to build a small brewing empire, but he is not a strong media presence. Although, he’s light years better than Augie Busch and Pete Coors. At least he isn’t some entitled douchebag who looks vaguely like the poster child for the Aryan nation. And nothing pisses off Aleheads more than knowing that Bud spends about a trillion times more on advertising than on, you know, making beer.

    I miss the old Sam Adams commercials with Sam Adams himself. That guy was great. Jim Koch on TV? Never a good decision.

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