After I used the Aleheads patented, legal-issue-avoiding, Star Trek transporter technology to ship Doc an assortment of Terrapin Brewery offerings, the Doc returned the favor…and then some. Look for future tasting notes on this murderer’s row of brews:

  • Pretty Things Once Upon a Time Mild Ale (I’m a huge fan of the rarely seen mild style)
  • Mikkeler It’s Alright Belgian Wild Ale (if done right, Belgian Wilds are spectacular)
  • Port Brewing Old Viscosity (a classic…so happy to have one of these again)
  • The Bruery 2 Turtle Doves (The Bruery describes it as a riff on a Belgian Strong Dark Ale…my absolute favorite style…can’t wait)
  • Haverhill Brewery GestAlt German Brown Ale (Color me intrigued…Doc speaks highly of Haverhill)
  • And the legendary Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (I’ll give you a hint…it’s getting 4 Hops)

Also in Brother Barley’s beer cellar, a three-pack of Chimay (the Red, White, and Blue), a Westmalle Dubbel, and an old-school American Style Stout entitled Buried Hatchet from a fairly new Texas brewery called Southern Star.

Looks to be a fairly busy week in the McHops Monastery.

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