Washington state is apparently discussing a tax-hike on beer! The cost of a sixer would go up by about 45 cents which state legislators predict would increase revenue to the state budget by $58 million. Holy crap, Washingtonians drink a lot of beer.

So why aren’t the Aleheads apoplectic? Well for one, it doesn’t effect most of us (except for you, dear Sweeney). And second, the tax doesn’t effect micro-brews….just mass-made domestics. Ironically, the tax is part of a “luxury” package which also proposes taxing candy, gum, and bottled water. I’m bemused by the idea of Bud Light and gum being seen as “luxury” products while something like Deschutes Obsidian Stout is apparently a “necessity”. Not that I’m arguing. Anything that pushes beer drinkers away from the cheap shit and towards high-quality craft brews is A-OK in my book.

So well done Washington. While I don’t agree with your beer-tax policy, I DO agree with your swill-tax policy (I also agree with your Selma-killing policy).


  1. Good ole’ Deval Patrick tried to levy a 5% tax on sudsy beverages for all us Massholes last year. We showed him though, we shut down that tax on beer and now all alcohol is taxed at the new state rate of 6.25% (Previously booze was tax exempt). Wait, that sucks. I’ll be in tax-free NH if you need me.

    While I have mixed feelings on Washington’s Selma-killing policy, I’m a strong supporter of their Bart-killing policy. Just my opinion on the matter.

  2. I can’t think the last time I actually drank a taxable beer, so it doesn’t really affect me. On the other hand, the taxes on liquor are so absurd that it really does limit the quantity and quality of hard liquor I imbibe in Washington. That said, since I drink 10% Imperial IPAs as a session beer, perhaps its all for the better. I will have to get the other Aleheads Seattle Maritime’s Imperial IPA at some point it is a wonderfully well-balanced Hoppapalooza.

  3. Anytime you want to ship me a Maritime (not actually “ship” of course…UPS and FedEx are far more efficient than clipper ships these days), I will eagerly imbibe it and write a glowing tasting note. Actually, I pretty much need to send you a shopping list. Why the Aleheads don’t all live in Seattle or Portland is beyond me…although living near family does bring the advantage of built-in babysitters. Hard to leave that…

    And I would never accuse you of drinking a taxable domestic. Although, I do have a vague memory of you drinking a Bud Light once. But only once, of course.

  4. Therefore I say to you that we must go forward, not backward! Upward, not forward! And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

    Barley you are on fire. How’d you score the sweet Celtic looking sig?

  5. I paid a stone-cutter (a real one, not the ones who made Steve Guttenberg a star) to chisel my sign-off into a block of fine Cornish granite. Then I mixed up a viscous ink from the blood of a noble Elk and the ash of a 1,000 year old Larch tree. I dipped the granite block (with the help of a Ukranian strong-man) into a pool of the Elk-Larch ink and imprinted my signature on a sheet of Turkish-spun linen-paper. Finally, using Tron-like technology, I digitized the linen-paper into the signature you see before you.

    Actually, it’s a free font called Stonehenge on DaFont.

  6. Bummer. The Larch tree in my yard is only 850 or so years old, and I doubt the alewife would let me cut it down anyways (let alone torch it in some gigantic bonfire). The permits from the municipality alone would be a nightmare.

    Also, the only Elk I know owes me money from a prop bet back in February involving Peyton Manning, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and recorded snowfall for the month at the Hydrometeorological Automated Data System Station Turtle Creek in Wilmerding, PA.

    Let’s just say, not the most “noble” mammal I’ve ever run across.

    Guess I’ll just use my old font called Bobsadouche on DaFucku.

    Great post!

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